Her turn! JOWST remixes Martina Barta’s Eurovision song…days after reworking Manel Navarro track


In August he released his Eurovision follow-up track “ThatFeeling”, once again partnering with Eurovision 2017 vocalist Aleksander Walmann.

And on Monday Norwegian DJ JOWST unveiled a Eurovision collaboration of a different sort, remixing “My Turn” — the 2017 entry from Czech singer Martina Barta.

The 28-year-old DJ takes Martina’s jazzy throwback and pulls it firmly into 2017 with electro flourishes, digital sounds and one very heavy beat.

It works really well. The dance floor and the chill out lounge are frequently home to songs about perseverance and hope.

And that dovetails nicely with Martina’s song, which discusses the intimacy found within a relationship — and how together a couple can make it through the pain and strain of the every day. As the song progresses, Martina suggests it’s her turn to carry the weight of her partner’s burdens. Devotion wins the day, y’all.

JOWST and Martina were among the first Eurovision 2017 acts to make a connection. They both appeared at the Eurovision Pre-Party Riga on March 25, establishing a friendship that has apparently lasted through Eurovision and to today.

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JOWST’s latest remix follows another Eurovision collaboration.

On September 21 he unveiled his take on “Keep on Falling” — Manel Navarro’s first track since representing Spain at Eurovision 2017.

“OMG, it is Out!” JOWST wrote on Twitter last week. “It was a pleasure remixing your latest single @ManelNMusic.”

Once again the Norwegian maestro proves adept at respecting existing material while taking it in a new and exciting direction.

Manel wrote his touching track — which offers hope to anyone who has ever been mocked, harassed or bullied — to help people keep going. As he wrote on Instagram in July:

“For those of you that think ‘I can’t get up from this’: I think we’ve all been through something like that. But you get up. We all do. It’s not the person who doesn’t fall that’s greatest, but he who stands and tries again. This is my little message of overcoming and anti-bullying. May you help me to share it with the world and spread the love.”

In the remix JOWST draws on his vast toolkit — xylophones, synth, enchanting rhythms and more — to give this lift, making it even more radio-friendly. Yet it retains its tender, vulnerable qualities that make it so lovely.

Are you loving JOWST’s take on these songs? Which Eurovision artists do you want him to work with next? Let us know in the comments box below!

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