Denmark: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix boss Jan Lagermand Lundme joins Eurovision Reference Group


He has been in charge of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix since 2008, and now DR boss Jan Lagermand Lundme can add another Eurovision position to his resume.

According to the DR Grand Prix website, Jan has been offered a seat on the powerful Eurovision Reference Group, which is the executive committee acting on behalf of all the broadcasters in Eurovision. They oversee the running of the contest, protect the brand’s interests and reputation, and decide what fines to dole out when broadcasters behave badly

EBU executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand contacted Lundme and asked whether he would be interested in becoming a member of the prestigious group.

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“I almost fell out of my chair in excitement and awe,” the Dane told DR. “And of course I accepted immediately. You don’t have to think about it with such an offer.”

The DR boss, who oversaw the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, says that his team’s focus on new media paved the way for his membership to the reference group.

“We were good at involving new media when we were hosts in 2014. No one else has done that to such an extent and I would love to keep working with that.”

But he’s interested in a lot more than new media.

He’s also keen to keep politics out of the contest — an issue made all the more important by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine ahead of Eurovision 2017.

“What is important to me as member of the reference group is to keep Eurovision as free of politics as possible,” he says. “What Eurovision can and must do is provide Europeans with a common experience. It was precisely this sense of community which was the starting point when Eurovision was set up after the Second World War, and it still has to be that way.”

The former Danish X Factor boss stresses that he wants to imbue Eurovision with an ingredient that’s key to X Factor.

“Emotions — and the fact that you as a viewer can feel something is extremely important. I will bring that along to the group just like I will try to secure that the shows will be diverse and get an imprint of the country which is the host.”

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