Vidbir 2018: Ukraine’s STB opens casting for Eurovision selection


During the first season of Vidbir in 2016, Ukraine wound up selecting a Eurovision winner in the form of Jamala, whose “1944” drew international headlines before the contest had even ended.

And now commercial broadcaster STB has revealed that Ukraine will select its Eurovision 2018 act through the show once more, looking past O.Torvald’s lacklustre 24th place finish in May.

STB and cash-strapped state broadcaster UA:PBC began broadcasting television commercials for Vidbir 2018 last weekend.

Accompanied by dramatic music and plenty of images from Eurovision 2016 and 2017, the tv spot officially opens casting for the 2018 national selection.

In September the European Broadcasting Union called out the Ukrainian government for underfunding UA:PBC, so it’s no surprise that commercial broadcaster STB will organise and finance the show for the third consecutive year.

Interested candidates can register by telephone. Details about the selection, what form the show will take and deadlines remain unclear, though more information is expected in the weeks ahead.

UA:PBC worked with STB for the actual Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv this May. The commercial broadcaster took over some national activities such as promotional programs and was the “National Media Partner” for the event.

Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest

The country, which will celebrate its 15th appearance in Lisbon, debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003. Ukraine has managed to reach the grand final every single time and boasts nine top ten finishes.

Their first victory came in 2004 when the loin-clothed Ruslana served “Wild Dances”, which honoured traditional Carpathian mountain music. After the country sat out of Eurovision 2015, Jamala brought the country back to the Eurovision stage with the touching breaking beats ballad “1944”.

O. Torvald’s 24th place finish the following year marks Ukraine’s worst result ever.

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