Ready for “Prime Time”! Aminata is a good girl gone bad in sensual new music video


Aminata Savadogo may have delivered Latvia its best Eurovision result of the decade, but her momentum did not stop there. Since her sixth place finish in Vienna, she has appeared on The Voice of Russia and released scintillating tracks such as “Red Moon” and “Your Arms“, which have further defined her style and showcased her originality.

Now the Latvian singer with roots in Burkina Faso has unveiled “Prime Time” — the lead single from her forthcoming third studio album.

“Prime Time” — Aminata Savadogo

Those hoping for a reprise of the Queen Amidala look from Eurovision 2015 will have to look elsewhere. Gone is the red princess dress, replaced with a bold new look — a combination of street chic and good girl gone bad. There’s plenty of graffiti, tattoos and drama — and that works with lyrics like “I wanna get-get high”. Whether or not she follows through, she’s certainly making an impact on us. This is a confident woman owning her strengths and weaknesses.

The song turns down the electronic influence that partly defined “Red Moon” while still teasing that flavour. There are no big notes for Aminata to slay but she puts her stamp on it by showcasing a different part of her vocal range.

Aminata uses the song as a release, expressing her frustration as she asks, “What are you willing to care for?” She feels like she needs “a big arrow pointed right my way” — no doubt hinting that she’s endured a bit of suffering. Aminata, you can rest assured that we are taking notice — with or without any projectiles.

“Prime Time” marks the start of a new chapter in Aminata’s career. She retains the dark electronic character that made her a star but gives it new character. The confident release gives us hope a stellar album is in the pipeline.

“Prime Time” lyrics

We got hidden by shadows
Couldn’t see no light
You won’t let me inside you
Walking day and night
You know the time goes faster
But are we moving on?
With this f*cking disaster?
I’ll handle on my own

Why aren’t you just trying to make it happen?
We gotta dang-dang-dang now (x2)
You should be trying to just make it happen
We gotta dang-dang-dang now (x2)

Pick me up on your way out (x12)

Do I need a big arrow
Pointed right my way?
What are you willing to care for?
Or am I just to play?



I just wanna get-get high (x7)



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