Singer-songwriter Mary Epworth tells BBC Radio that she’d love to do Eurovision


She’s the critically acclaimed British singer-songwriter whose brother works with the likes of Adele and Florence Welch. And it turns out that Mary Epworth is a hardcore Eurovision fan. Better still, she really wants to enter the contest. Could she be the United Kingdom’s answer to Jamala or Salvador Sobral?

Mary raised the topic during an appearance on BBC Radio 6 Music yesterday, telling host Lauren Laverne that she would love to do Eurovision, but as a songwriter rather than a singer.

In my mind, I always am aiming for Kraftwerk meets Eurovision. I’d love to enter, but really I’d like to write it. Because loads of the times when I say, “Oh, I’d love to enter”, people are like “Yes! Sing my song I’ve written”. And I’m like “Nope! [laughs] I wanna be the writer”.

The alternative artist goes further, describing the annual song festival as her own World Cup.

But I love it. Eurovision is sort of like my, like whatever the sports people say once a year… what’s that thing called? The World Cup! [laughs]. I dunno, I love it. I just really love it.

And even though she’s not a fast-food music act — as Salvador Sobral might say — she still embraces the fun and ridiculousness.

I mean, it’s funny because it’s obviously like, I’m not really in that pop world. But people who really do it are generally, you know, people who are full-time kind of pop, the sort of manufacturing side of pop of like you know pot housing and all that but I just love it. I think it’s brilliant. A really fun thing and it’s sort of ridiculous that you get into so many people’s houses in one go.

A quick perusal of Mary’s Twitter feed confirms that her feelings towards the contest are genuine. Her timeline reveals that for 2017 she was a big fan of the Czech entry, but less fond of Iceland’s “Paper”. Spain stirred strong emotions, but her douze points were destined for Portugal’s Salvador Sobral.

Who is Mary Epworth?

Mary Epworth released her debut single “The Saddle Song” in 2008, and quickly established herself as a critical darling. magazine labelled her first album “psych pop splendour”, while NME described her work as “magical synthpop”.

She comes from a musical family. Her brother Paul Epworth is one of the most in-demand producers in modern music. He has worked with some of the world’s biggest names, including Florence + the Machine, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, and Adele.

The UK at Eurovision 2017

The Brits will be back again in Lisbon. It might be 20 long years since their last victory, but the United Kingdom’s Eurovision spirit keeps going. The BBC opened their song selection process for Eurovision 2018 in September, confirming a third edition of Eurovision: You Decide.

Songwriters have until October 27 to submit their entries. As with previous years, the BBC are accepting songs from both the public and music professionals.

UK: BBC opens song submissions for Eurovision 2018…as Greta Salóme joins songwriting camp

What do you think of Mary Epworth’s comments? Would you like to see her flying the Union Jack in Portugal? Let us know in the comments below.

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