She’s one of Spain’s biggest music stars and a proper Eurovision diva. She finished fifth on the UK’s X Factor, tenth at Eurovision 2014 and first on Tu Cara Me Suena. Now firmly established and with an increasingly global fan base, Ruth Lorenzo is ready for a new chapter. Her latest single “Good Girls Don’t Lie” is pure Lorenzo – from rock to pop, it brings the house down!

Ruth Lorenzo – “Good Girls Don’t Lie”

“I always told you that the good girls don’t lie…” and, again, Ruth doesn’t disappoint either.

The Spanish songstress’ latest offering is an absolute banger. From the first note to the last, she plays with folk, pop and rock, all layered over a strong up-tempo beat that builds to seventh heaven. As ever her voice — part grit, part soul, pure power — is the anchor of it all.

Ruth attracted attention in late September when she teased her upcoming music. She explained the meaning behind “Good Girls Don’t Lie” on social media:

“Oh honey, you can’t break a broken heart. You can’t steal a stolen soul. You know, my daddy took it with him when he left. So now it can’t be yours. And I will do as mamma said ‘be a good girl, always tell the truth’ so baby you should run. Don’t dare to stay cause I’m not good to you”

Forewarned is forearmed

She sings about love — but not a happy one. With an empowering but dark message, Ruth follows a famous Spanish refrain ” el que avisa no es traidor” (forewarned is forearmed), and she’s warning him: “I thought I told you, so don’t say I didn’t warn you”.

Ruth Lorenzo’s new album, Loveaholic

#GGDL is the official first single off Ruth’s upcoming studio album, Loveaholic. And it’s already a hit. Less than 40 minutes after it was released, “Good Girls Don’t Lie” went to #1 on iTunes Spain — bravísima! 

#GGDL is a great tease of Ruth’s next album, but it looks like we will have to wait until 2018 for it to drop. However, some lucky people have already had the pleasure of hearing it in its entirety.

Xavi Martínez — one of the jurors during Objetivo Eurovision 2017 — has amazing words. “Her new project is going to bring more rock, more stunning productions,” he said. “I listened to it and it’s wonderful.”

Xavi also gave Ruth’s fans a nice treat by premiering Ruth’s new single on his radio station — Los 40 principales — a day before the official release. He described her new hit as an “acceptance and a leap”.

Ruth Lorenzo on the special performance on Tu Cara Me Suena

After winning Tu Cara Me Suena (Your Face Sounds Familiar), Ruth has been busy working on Loveaholic. But she could not miss the invitation to appear in the opening show for this year’s series.

This performance was special as it reunited the winners of all the editions of Tu Cara Me Suena. Ruth performed as Janis Joplin and delivered a stellar performance!

What do you think about Ruth Lorenzo’s new single “Good Girls Don’t Lie? Would you like to see Ruth representing Spain one more time? And would this song work in Eurovision? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!



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Catchy song, I love it !


This song is just forgettable. You can’t listen to it on repeat = It’s gonna flop here.
Nobody will stream it on Spotify in Spain. We just prefer other kind of music.


“This performance was special as it reunited the winners of all the editions of Tu Cara Me Suena”… not exactly. Season 3 winner Edurne couldn’t make it due to other commitments and was replaced by Santiago Segura (who competed in both seasons 1 and 2).


Edurne won’t appear on an Antena 3 show cause she is signed to rival channel Telecinco as a judge on Got Talent.

Ricardo Lane

This is one of the best articles I have come across. Keep up the good work.


Ruth Lorenzo has won Your Face Sounds Familiar with black-face Whitney Houston and Tina Turner, but you show her as Janis Joplin.
I must say that I don’t think painting your face is racist, I’m enjoying Americans’ hysteria about the matter, but why was Cezar a bad guy for having ”black-face”?
Americans should stop thinking that black-face has the same meaning everywhere, and I think Ruth did a great job in the show, but I’ve noticed that you were unnecessary protective about Ruth’s black-face, just to not annoy the Americans.


She’s shown as Janis Joplin here because the lines before it were talking about that specific performance of the season 6 premiere. They already wrote an article on her season 4 finale performance when she won it – as Jennifer Hudson.


Jennifer Hudson…ha ha ha…Great! Let’s annoy Americans that just don’t understand that in Europe there’s nothing wrong with painting your face.
Only their history is weird, and should not apply anywhere else.


Anyone else feels she is trying to imitate lady gaga (on its last iteration, with that rocky vibe of perfect illusion or Million reasons)? And of course, she doesnt reach at all to that standart…