San Marino: SMRTV to hold press conference, promises “revolutionary project” for Eurovision 2018


It’s the smallest country to participate at Eurovision in recent years. Now San Marino‘s broadcaster SMRTV is promising that they will bring a “revolutionary project” to Eurovision 2018. But does this mean they’ll be competing in Lisbon?

All will be revealed on Tuesday 17 October at 16:00 CET, when executives from San Marino Radio & Television will hold a press conference to discuss their plans for Eurovision 2018.

The press conference will be hosted by Stampa Estera — the Italian Foreign Press Association. On their official website, the event is introduced with the enticing news that “San Marino will be at the 2018 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with a revolutionary project never seen before.”

But at this stage, it’s still not clear if this means that San Marino will actually be participating in Lisbon.

Tuesday’s press conference promises to clear this up. The itinerary promises discussion of participation at Eurovision 2018 and the future of small states at Eurovision.

The event will involve SMRTV’s president Davide Gasperoni, SMRTV’s general manager Carlo Romeo, and the San Marino Head of Delegation, Alessandro Capicchioni.

The press conference description also claims, “San Marino is the last of the small states to compete. The others have abandoned the event because of a voting system that clearly favours the major states.”

SMRTV has previously criticised the new voting system for using a composite vote in place of San Marino’s televote. The microstate uses Italy’s telephone system and therefore cannot distinguish between Sammarinese and Italian televotes.

The broadcaster has previously proposed a web-based voting system, to ensure that San Marino’s television comes from local viewers.

After Eurovision 2017 — where Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson placed last in their semi-final, having earned only one point for “Spirit of the Night” — SMRTV’s director general wasn’t optimistic.

“We are very happy for and proud of Valentina and Jimmie, but I think we are too small for this event,” SMRTV Director General Carlo Romeo said in a statement. “I am not sure that next year we will consider participating. It is very difficult now to think of taking part again. There is no place for micro-states in the Eurovision Song Contest.”

But on Tuesday, we’ll know a lot more about the future of San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest.

What do you think? Would you like to see San Marino back at Eurovision 2018? Who should represent the microstate in Lisbon? Share your thoughts below!