Latvia: LTV launches Supernova People’s Jury – listen to the songs and vote


Entries for Latvia‘s national final closed on Sunday, but broadcaster LTV is ready for fans to hear the submitted entries right now. LTV has launched the Supernova People’s Jury — a chance for fans to listen to and rate all the submitted songs.

The People’s Jury is a new step for Supernova — though other national finals have used similar public voting systems in the past.

All the entered songs — and there’s over 60 — are available to listen to on the Supernova website. But users must first be logged in with either Facebook, Twitter or the Latvian social network

As well as an audio clip of the whole song, only the title of the song is given. The artists behind the songs will be anonymous for now, meaning that songs will be judged on the merit of the song alone, not on a big name.

Though some Latvian stars are recognisable from voice alone. Some fans have spotted at least two songs from Supernova regular and X Factor Latvia host Markus Riva.

Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Listeners can give the songs a thumbs up (Patik) or a thumbs down (Nepatik), based on whether they want to hear the song at Supernova.

The overall rankings will then be passed on to the Supernova selection panel. They’ll meet on November 5 to decide which of the entries will make the Supernova heats and will take the People’s Jury results into consideration. The number of semi-finalists hasn’t been confirmed, but last year 22 songs made it to the heats.

The People’s Jury voting period will run until Sunday 29 October, which gives fans 11 days to have their say.

We’ve started to have a quick listen to the entries. We’re hearing a lot of tropical house, songs of self-confidence, a few love love peace peace tunes, and a reggae number with the unusual title “Stop The War U2”.

But what do you think? Which are your favourite songs? Who deserves a place in the Supernova heats? Take a listen and share your favourites!