Boomerang! Armenia’s Misha unveils inspirational Junior Eurovision 2017 track


Release a boomerang and it’ll come back to you. Send the world a little love and hopefully that will come back to you, too.

It’s a sweet and simple message. And, as we learned today, it’s also the building block for “Boomerang” — Armenia’s Junior Eurovision 2017 song from Misha.

“I love my song!” Misha said in a statement sent to wiwibloggs. “The music is powerful, while the lyrics carry a strong message: everything we do in life will always come back to us, just like a boomerang! I encourage everyone to believe in their dreams, share their love with the world and most importantly be kind to one another.”

Nodding to the principle of karma and encouraging everyone to radiate optimism and warmth, the song maintains the feel-good spirit found in so many Armenian Junior Eurovision entries. But it does so with a stirring ballad — a sharp move away from the up-tempo numbers like “People of the Sun”, “Love” and “Tarber”, which have endeared the country to so many.

The Public TV Company of Armenia (AMPTV) internally selected the song, which was composed by Vahram Petrosyan. You may recognise him as the songwriter behind Vladimir Arzumanyan’s winning JESC 2010 track “Mama” — an upbeat, ethnic and kid-friendly number that got all of Minsk tapping their feet.

The lyrics come courtesy of Avet Barseghyan, David Tserunyan and Arthur Aghekyan. Avet and David wrote Artsvik’s Eurovision 2017 entry “Fly With Me”.

About Misha

While other kids were busy chewing on crayons, this precocious singer — full name Michael Grigoryan — was already forging a working relationship with his future producer Lira Kocharyan, who is the founder and director of the famous music group “Voices of Artsakh”.

Misha, 9, has been an active member of the group ever since and has participated in a number of prestigious international festivals, including last year’s New Wave Junior where he finished as runner-up. He’s also represented his country at events in France, Switzerland, Brussels, Russia and Georgia, so probably has more frequent flier miles than you.

The kid is a performer of the first order, as you can see in his video.

Artists at Junior Eurovision have a tendency to scream and shout. Misha can do power, but he also knows when and how to keep it cool and let charm lead the way. No nerves here!

His cover of “Uptown Funk” even got Eurovision 2016 star Sergey Lazarev — one of the New Wave judges — moving. Surely Europe won’t be able to resist either. Watch that performance below.

What do you think of Misha’s song? Are you loving the message behind it? Do you think he can go one better than Armenia last year and take it all? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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