Dansk Melodi Grand Prix boss: “We have a super strong pool of songs for 2018”


Two failed attempts to reach the grand final and one 20th place finish in the grand final. The last three editions of Eurovision have not been a bed of roses for Denmark. But now it looks like the tide is turning for the small Nordic country with a very rich Eurovision tradition.

According to DR boss Jan Lagermand Lundme, the pool of submitted songs for this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in Aalborg is “super strong”. The Dane, who recently got a seat on the prestigious Eurovision Reference Group, told DR’s MGP website that new entry rules launched after this year’s Eurovision have made all the difference as they search for their Eurovision 2018 star.

“This year we have asked that the submitted songs were professionally recorded, and that has meant that there have been more serious entries than before,” he says. “It is a super strong selection we have this year, and that actually makes it hard for us to choose the 10 songs.”

The work of selecting the next possible Eurovision winner continues for DR, but Jan Lagermand Lundme promises that the final 10 songs will not disappoint Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision fans in the Gigantium in Aalborg on 10 February.

“I’m extremely grateful that there are so many skilled songwriters who keep sending us their songs and who really have taken the job very serious this year,” he says. “It is going to be 10 super cool songs we are going to experience on the stage in Aalborg.”

While we wait with bated breath for the 10 songs to be revealed, DR will make tickets available from 26 October. You can buy your tickets on DR’s website.

What do you think? Will Denmark be a top contender again and are you booking your tickets to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018? Let us know in the comments box below.