Operación Triunfo 2017: Can any of these artists represent Spain in Lisbon 2018?


Months of hype and anticipation have finished with the premiere of Operación Triunfo. We saw 18 acts perform last night, but only 16 of them have advanced to the finals of OT 2017. And the elephant is still in the room: will any of these acts be the Spanish representative in Lisbon? Let’s take a look!

Well… I mean, this was the first show. What we’ve seen tonight at the “Gala 0” (doesn’t that sound glamorous?) is better than Objetivo Eurovisión 2017 by a landslide.

The stage is decent, the crowd is effectively separated from the stage (and the judges, most importantly) and the camerawork hasn’t been so bad. The sound is still horrible, but that has become RTVE’s trademark.

However, between all the badly equalized microphones and the ones which didn’t even work, we’ve found some hidden gems who could do wonders for Spain in Lisbon. And by wonders, I mean finishing left side of the scoreboard, which is already a lot, given our recent luck.

Alfred – “Georgia on my Mind”

Alfred is a young guy from Barcelona who gave the most authentic performance of the night. He took the stage with his trombone and gave a great rendition of Ray Charles’ “Georgia on my Mind”. He’s a multi-talented musician who is trying his luck now singing and he could actually bring something new for Spain. Something not manufactured, but delicately crafted.

Amaia – “Starman”

Amaia brought one of the most dramatic moments of the evening. After a sweet and graceful rendition of David Bowie’s “Starman”, she became a fan favourite (on Twitter, at least). However, the judges thought her performance didn’t fit the song and didn’t put her through. Fortunately, the academy teachers’ disagreed and let her in. Amaia served attitude and self-confidence and we’re totally buying it.

Marina – “Girl on Fire”

Speaking of attitude, young Marina from Sevilla is also one to watch. She was nervous, but she still brought the house down with Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire”. Props to her for her daring dress code. While her mates jumped to the stage all dolled up, Marina came with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and slayed the pack more than anyone. She may be inexperienced, but hey, she still has three months ahead to polish her artistry (and a few more in case she goes to Lisbon).

Miriam – “No te pude retener”

Last but not least, Miriam channelled her inner singer-songwriter on stage and created a special moment. She was totally natural with just her voice, her flourishes and herself. Keeping it simple is always a risk, but tonight, Miriam delivered her stripped-back style with ease. By the way, doesn’t she look a bit like Ruth Lorenzo?

These are the four acts out of which we can see a Eurovision entrant so far. Of course, it’s only the first show, and there’s still three months until the final and some more until Lisbon, so anyone can surprise us and become a very decent Spanish representative. Only time will tell!

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Did you watch tonight’s show? Who was your favourite? Do you think any of these acts would be good for Spain at Eurovision? Who would you send to Lisbon? Tell us in the comment section below!