Listen: Loreen sings of destructive love on “Hate the Way I Love You”


She’s the multi-talented storyteller who continues to enchant us with her legendary Eurovision 2012 winner Euphoria. Now, following another classic Melodifestivalen entry and a summer of stellar releases, Loreen’s brilliant 2017 continues with “Hate The Way I Love You”.

It’s the second cut from the Swedish goddess’ sophomore album, following the lead single “’71 Charger” which dropped earlier this month. And after listening, we’re even more excited for the LP’s arrival in November!

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She teased us for days with dark lyric excerpts on Instagram, finally releasing “Hate the Way I Love You” at the stroke of midnight on Friday. At over six and half minutes, it’s her longest song yet.

However, all that time is spent delivering a whirlwind of emotions and beautifully rich instrumentation. Next to the defiance of “Statements” and “’71 Charger”, “Hate the Way I Love You”, while still very dark, is much more intimate and sensitive.

In front of a fast-paced drum beat and sumptuous violin strings, Loreen sings about an abusive relationship she can’t leave. Her high notes really hit home in the chorus: “You’re the reason I’m a mess / I gotta get you out / I hate the way I love you / But I love you”.

It’s definitely a long way from the everlasting joy of the dance-based “Euphoria”. But Loreen does this so well. Every single second adds more and more to the captivating pain and torment of destructive love.

Loreen “Hate the Way I Love You” (Official Audio)

“Hate The Way I Love You” is possibly one of Loreen’s most magical performances. While the singer is notorious for her poor enunciation, it really comes alive here and suits the incredibly passionate sound.

It seems that her latest album won’t be the Eurodance she was known for. But, from what we’ve seen of her latest works, it will be all the better for it.

Loreen’s sophomore album – RIDE – is out on 24 November. Back in 2012 we described “Heal” as “a work of art”. It looks like Loreen has much more art within her yet!

So what do you think of Loreen’s darker sound? Do you like her latest song? What are you hoping for from RIDE? Let us know below!


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