“That’s amazing!” — Pink watches Serbia’s Tijana Bogicevic cover “Sober”


She might have narrowly missed out on making the grand final in Kyiv, but Tijana Bogicevic might have just experienced the next best thing. Pop icon Pink recently watched and reviewed Tijana’s soulful cover of Pink’s 2008 single “Sober”. The diva declared, “That’s amazing!”

As part of a regular video series from Glamour magazine, Pink sat down and watched a series of fans do covers of some of her best-known hits. And as she watched them, the “So What” hitmaker had something to say.

A reaction to the reaction: Tijana and her friends were thrilled

Pink was impressed by Tijana’s soulful take on “Sober” and declared “That’s amazing!” She also admired the rich raspy tone of Tijana’s voice. Pink commented, “Mine’s gone and it’s cos I quit [smoking]. I’m very sad, but I love hearing you have it still.”

But that wasn’t all. Tijana and her friends Sarah and Branko watched Pink’s reaction — and they were over the moon.

The “In Too Deep” songstress was ecstatic, and said, “She watched our video! I can’t believe this! I can’t believe this!” before all three musicians chimed in with “We love you!”

Tijana and her friends recorded the acoustic cover of “Sober” back in 2010. It’s a simple set-up, with the three musicians sitting around in a recording studio. They record the song in one take and nail it.

It’s a demonstration of the vocal power Tijana possesses, the sort of performance that led to her being internally selected to represent Serbia at Eurovision 2017.

On guitar is Branko Koprivica. Most recently he worked with Tijana co-directing the music video for her new single “Ti Imas Prav”.

The Pink reaction video has exposed Tijana to a new audience. The YouTube clip is already getting comments from fans who have discovered they have a favourite new singer.

Serbia won’t be using internal selection to pick their act for Lisbon. Earlier this month, broadcaster RTS confirmed it will return to their Beovizija national final format. Serbia joins Cyprus, France and Montenegro, who have each reintroduced a national final this season.

The entry period for Beovizija 2018 has been extended to 10 November.

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