Hungary: Joci Papai performs as Australian pop divas Olivia Newton-John and Kylie Minogue


In May he gave Hungary an eighth-place finish in Kyiv with the mystical song “Origo”. Now Joci Papai is moving in a very different direction. As one of the celebrities competing on the Hungarian version of Your Face Sound Familiar, Joci has been channelling his inner Aussie pop diva.

In the current series of Sztárban Sztár, Joci pulled on a blonde wig and performed as both Kylie Minogue and Olivia Newton-John and showed his love for these two iconic divas of Australian pop.

Early in the series, Joci Papai squeezed into a spicy red dress and wore his best Charlene-from-Neighbours curly blonde wig.

He performed “Locomotion”, Kylie’s 1987 debut single that transformed her from Aussie to soap star to global pop icon. But we’re pretty sure that he won’t be troubling Kylie’s place as a pop princess.

While it wasn’t a word-perfect or pitch-perfect performance, Joci Papai still gave a highly entertaining performance as he joined in with some choo-chooing around the stage.

The Sztárban Sztár performances always have well-choreographed performances and Joci brought plenty of his charisma to the stage.

But earlier this week, Joci Papai took things to a whole nother level with his impression of Australian star (and UK 1974 Eurovision act) Olivia Newton-John. In a duet with fellow Sztárban Sztár contestant Tamás Horváth, the pair performed the 1992 Hungarian version of “You’re the One That I Want” from the 1978 musical Grease. The song was made famous in Hungary by Erika Zoltan & Kiki, and the lads’ performance paid tribute to them as well.

The film adaptation of Grease was known for casting adults as high school-age teens. But Joci and Horváth took crazy casting to extremes. Joci even dared to bare his manly midriff under his floral shirt.

But as to be expected, the pair gave everything to their performance. Their flirty to-and-fro was full of comedy and joy, and earned the pair top marks from the jury.

They’re both heading into the semi-final next week. There they will battle A Dal regulars Olivér Berkes (A Dal 2016, 2017), Veca Janicsák (A Dal 2013, X Factor Hungary) and Viktor Király (A Dal 2012, 2014, The Voice USA) for a place in the grand final the week after.

Olivér Berkes surprised Joci Papai by performing his Eurovision entry “Origo”. The A Dal superfinalist gave a convincing performance of the song that pipped him to first place. He was even joined by the original dancer, Alexandra Virág who brought authentic emotion to the performance. Olivér’s “Origo” earned him top marks from all the judges that episode.

The series has also featured Eurovision and A Dal stars Csézy (Eurovision 2008), Gergo Oláh (A Dal 2015, 2016, 2017), Viki Singh (A Dal 2017), Laura Cserpes (A Dal 2014, 2014) and Eniko Détár (national final 1994).

Earlier this month the Hungarian broadcaster confirmed details of A Dal 2018. Entries close on November 15, and the show will again use the regular system of heats, semi-finals and a grand final.

What do you think? Does Joci Papai make a good Kylie? Who would you like to see taking part in A Dal 2018? Share your thought below!