It’s the Scandinavian country who brought home a tenth-place finish from Kyiv in May. And now But Norway’s plans for Lisbon are continuing. Broadcaster NRK has confirmed that its national final Melodi Grand Prix will be held on Saturday 10 March 2018.

The broadcaster confirmed the news in a recent Instagram comment. NRK’s Melodi Grand Prix account shared a pic of the MGP 2018 team who were gathered to begin plans for the new season’s grand final.

In the comments section, a Norwegian fan asked what date the final would be held. @nrkmgp replied with confirmation that the grand final of Melodi Grand Prix will be held on Saturday 10 March 2018.

Following a tradition in recent years, Norway’s grand final will take place the same night as the final of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen. It’s disappointing news for national final fans who want to watch both live. But as we’ve seen in previous years, dedicated fans will find a way!

The Melodi Grand Prix final will round out six weeks of “Super Saturdays”. From early February, the broadcasters of Europe hold Saturday night heats, semi-finals and grand finals in the process of selecting their acts for Lisbon.

Norway’s big final will again be held at the Oslo Spektrum arena, and NRK has confirmed that tickets will go on sale in coming weeks.

Earlier in the year, NRK revealed that they had received almost 1200 entries for MGP 2018.

At the time, MGP chief Stig Karlsen sounded upbeat, saying, “There are very many talented people engaged in next year’s MGP. It’s going to hurt to pick only ten songs and ten artists to fight to represent Norway in Lisbon!”

Some big names are rumoured to be among the finalists this year. One rumour suggests that Norwegian twin teen pop sensations Marcus & Martinus may be among the 10 finalists.

Norway at Eurovision

Norway has known highs and bitter, bitter lows at Eurovision in 2010 but there are signs things are on the up for the Nordic nation.

Not so impressively, Didrik Solli-Tangen got a 20th-place finish on home soil in 2010, Stella Mwangi failed to qualify in 2011 and Tooji placed last in 2012. But in the years since, Norway has done much better. They have placed in the top ten in all but 2016, when Agnete went out in her semi-final.

Having soared as high as the top five, as recently as 2013, Norway will no doubt be one to watch in Libson next May. And among those 1200 entries could be the one to give Norway its fourth victory.

What do you think? Who would you like to see compete in Melodi Grand Prix 2018? Who should Norway send to Lisbon? Share your thoughts below!


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Purple Mask

I’m still upset with Norway’s selection process for something that happened in 2016. Until I recover from that, I will probably be watching MelFest instead :D. It’s a bit too early to be sorting out dates though. (I could be busy at my own concert, haha!)


Six weeks of “Super Saturdays”?
Get ready people! February is going to be a tough month, like last year.
Brace yourselves!



The final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix is on February, 10th 2018. It collides with the second show of Melodifestivalen (Deltävling 2) which is going to take place in Gothenburg.


NRK, SVT and DR could make an agreement to avoid 3 finals at the same weekend…


Thanks! 😉


They made mistake 2 time in 2014 Linnea Dale for me was better choice for Norwal, like Laila in 2016


It’s my favourite NF. Every year there is at least one very good song in the MGP line up, even if it’s not always the one going to the ESC.
I wish they’d bring back the semifinals too, though.