Giving us “Shivers”! Sergey Lazarev tops iTunes Russia…just two hours after new single drops


If Adele was reborn as a man and released a ballad in Russian, she might sound something like Sergey Lazarev on his latest hit single “Vdrebezgi” (Shivers).

The contemporary ballad, which frequently draws comparisons to “Skyfall” from the 007 series, is an atmospheric, Old World ballad with plenty of horns, percussion and dramatic swells.

But owing to Sergey’s signature vocals and on-point production, it rests comfortably in 2017. There’s also the faintest hint of R&B as Sergey slows things down by singing in a thrusting, spoken-word way. We approve.

Just two hours after its release on Friday, the song hit #1 on iTunes Russia, riding on the wave laid down by Sergey’s recent singles “Sdavaysya” and “Tak Krasivo”.

The “You Are The Only One” hitmaker was excited, sharing a grab on Instagram of the iTunes charts, which showed him sitting ahead of fellow stars Yulianna Karaulova, Mot and Aljey & Feduk.

“2 hours after the release! In first place!!” he wrote. “It’s incredibly nice!! Thank you very much everyone!”

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In an earlier Instagram post, Sergey made it clear that this song isn’t about rainbows and sunshine by sharing an excerpt of the lyrics.

“From melancholy to smithereens, with dreams torn, from melancholy to smithereens, snow melting…”

Well damn. Love doesn’t always work out and Sergey gets that. In the song he lets the sorrow breathe, weaving a story of someone broken into pieces and shivering.

“The worst thing for you is loneliness, your last diary is missing the last pages, hanging in the smoke of silence, you stand on the edge of despair, just one step, everything is somehow wrong…the thoughts fly, poisoned by poison.”


Although Sergey has his hands full with the hype campaign for his forthcoming studio album, he’s making an impact elsewhere, too.

He is currently showing off his versatility in the Russian dub of The My Little Pony Move.

The film, which was released to Russian cinemas on October 5, tells the story of Princess Twilight Sparkle, her five friends and assistant dragon. Sergey hasn’t lent his voice to a pony though.

Instead he’s voicing a mischievous alley cat named Capper, a “cunning” but “good-hearted” con artist. Awww.