Ooh la la! Amir dominates French album chart with new release ‘Addictions’


His post-Eurovision offering dominated the French album chart in summer 2016. Now France’s ESC success story Amir is attempting to live up to his reputation with his second album, Addictions.

It’s looking good so far, with the album shooting to the top two of the album charts in the first 10 minutes of its release.

Amir has been teasing us for weeks on Instagram, posting tasters of each of the songs featured. It’s no surprise then that his fanbase has been gushing over the new release since it finally hit iTunes.

1??1?? « IDÉALE IDYLLE » #Addictions #Demain

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With “Addictions” taking two years to produce, there isn’t one track on the album that has been rushed or overlooked. Like his first album Au coeur de moi, the tracks are a mixture of French and English — combining upbeat pop with more mellow and heartfelt sounds.

One track that stands out is “Opium”, which shows off Amir’s evolution as an artist. While he sings in French, his style is all-American, bringing in one of those classically lyricless techno choruses that bears resemblance to One Republic, his duet partner from across the pond. Amir has clearly been learning on the job, and the work is paying off!

Yes, Amir hasn’t strayed far from his original style, but it doesn’t leave us bored either. He has found a formula that works, so he’s sticking to it.

1??4?? « LA NUIT » #Addictions #Demain

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Amir plays with Lego

One track that surprisingly doesn’t feature on the new album is “Higher”. The track is Amir’s latest single, and part of the official French soundtrack to The LEGO Ninjago Movie. It’s a sweet song that even comes with a music video where Amir practices karate with some newfound Lego friends in the forest. It’s cuter than it sounds, y’all, promise.

Like his Eurovision entry, “Higher” has French verses with a catchy enough English chorus to make it work. Add in Amir and the formula always works. It’s an ideal song for a family movie, with lyrics talking about how anyone can be a superhero if they work hard and stay motivated. Truly, words to live by!

With Amir revelling in the success of all of his recent new music, we’re kept firmly excited for a potential tour and a whole load of new singles from our favourite French crooner.

What do you think of Amir’s new album? Are you a fan of his single “Higher”? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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