WATCH: Romania’s Cezar Ouatu pays tribute to Salvador Sobral on “Your Face Sounds Familiar”


After Spain’s versatile actor Miquel Fernández took on Salvador Sobral‘s winning performance on the Spanish version of Your Face Sounds Familiar, Romanian Eurovision star’s Cezar “The Voice” Ouatu rose to the challenge as well on Te cunosc de undeva  last night.

Cezar gave an impressive performance of “Amar pelos dois”, stunning the judges and audiences at home not just with his visual likeness but also with his vocal prowess.

The seasoned  Te cunosc de undeva star inhabited the new role almost effortlessly. Cezar was very convincing as Salvador Sobral not only because he is very experienced o the show, but also because he absolutely loves “Amar Pelos Dois”. He has confessed that he listens to the song non-stop, sometimes hundreds of times a day. He did not even mind that he might lose points on choreography — or absence thereof. He just wanted to do justice to the Portuguese artist and his song.

Cezar chose to reproduce Salvador’s performance at the National Final, complete with the light coloured coat and shirt. During the preparation for the role, the opera singer said that the “genius” Salvador Sobral did not need fireworks and complex staging to win. At the rehearsals, Cezar also imitated Salvador’s trumpet singing.

The judging panel applauded Cezar Ouatu’s efforts, praising his unique vocal abilities and his capacity to transform himself onstage. Judge Ozana Barabancea, a fan of Salvador Sobral and his song who helped Cezar take on this difficult role, was particularly floored by the performance.

Despite the fact that he did not expect to win last night’s show because of his subtle performance, the countertenor impressed the judges and his colleagues so much that they decided to award him top points.

Cezar and Miquel are not the only international artists recreating the Eurovision winner’s performance. On The Voice of Holland last month, Jim van der Zee brought his own twist to Salvador Sobral’s song, singing it in English and turning all four chair in the process. Fun fact: he eventually chose another Eurovision star as his coach — Anouk.

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