Armenia: Tamar Kaprelian will submit a song to Depi Evratesil 2018


The rules for Depi Evratesil 2018 state that any citizen of Armenia — or Armenians living abroad — can enter the country’s national selection for Eurovision 2018.

And today Tamar Kaprelian — one of the most talented daughters of the diaspora — revealed her intentions to do so in a clear-cut Tweet to her fans.

“Hey guys: BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!” the New Yorker wrote. “After all of the positive feedback to whether or not I should apply for Eurovision, I have decided to submit a song for Depi Evratesil!”

She also encouraged fans to follow her journey on Facebook.

Tamar Kaprelian at Eurovision 2018?

Tamar sent the rumour mill into overdrive on October 19 when she posted a snippet from a songwriting session on Twitter.

“[Facetime] writing session,” she said. “What could we be working on?”

A quick listen revealed an upbeat, ethnic song — perfect for Eurovision, along with the following lyrics. They show just how clever the Columbia-educated singer is — and make it clear the girl has lived.

Singing of love and pain — and that very dark space between them — she says:

It all began and I never quite expected
To be with you and to feel the need to stay
I’m hypnotised in a black hallucination
I was lost, I was searching for a way
In the untouched sands, under all the stars
We were holding hands, then we went too far
Don’t ask why
I get high

The song sounds very promising, so we’re not surprised she’s submitting it. And we’re not surprised that she’s ready to sing for Armenia as a solo artist either.

In 2015 Tamar was perhaps the most telegenic of all the members of Genealogy, the six-person group that represented the country in Vienna with “Face the Shadow”.

At the time Tamar was simultaneously studying for her university exams, meaning that she couldn’t fully immerse herself in the Eurovision experience while on-the-ground.

Tamar, who became an Armenian citizen in 2015, has maintained a close relationship with Armenia, setting up the Nvak Foundation, a summer music programme that works with young people in the country.

In a tweet sent earlier today, Tamar showed the scope of her ambition, releasing a tantalising video teaser that splices together footage from throughout her career.

We see young Tamar tickling the ivories in her 2010 video for “New Day”. But we also see images of the Tamar of today searching for her man in the desert for her “Noubari Boye” music video.

The tweet also tags @eurovision and @wiwibloggs — yasssss — and her team, which includes the noted choreographer and artistic director Arthur Gourounlian. We first encountered him at the Armenian Street Fair in London in the summer 2016, when he helped Iveta Mukuchyan throw down in tony West London.

Are you excited about Tamar’s decision? Are you going to get behind her bid? Let us know in the comments box below!

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