Waylon for the Netherlands! Country music star confirmed for Eurovision return


For weeks and weeks, speculation has been mounting over who the Netherlands will send to Eurovision 2018. Now Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS has confirmed that country singer and Eurovision 2014 runner-up Waylon will again represent his country at Eurovision.

The reveal was done with the Netherland’s typical flare for a reveal. Earlier today a teaser video was released, packed with Waylon-esque clues.

The video follows a man waking up after a hard night partying. Surrounded by scantily clad women, he stumbles into the bathroom where he reads Beard magazine (“Confessions of bearded men”) and uses black toilet paper.

The fellow has numerous tattoos on his hands, including a winged “W” symbol.

He then wanders downstairs, says hello to his doggo, then goes into the kitchen and makes a coffee and a peanut butter roll. He flips on the television where The Voice of Holland is playing.

Next, he mosies into his music room and plays a bit of Te Deum on his piano. He gets a text from a “Dolly P” inviting him to her Nashville show in May. But the mystery gentleman can’t make it – “Got bigger plans.”

He then wanders into another room, which has a shrine featuring candles, several guitars and a hat. He pays his respects while Te Deum plays again, and finally, he puts on the hat.

And if there’s one Dutch star who fits this description, it’s Waylon. The country music artist has a beard, he dresses in black and he has a winged “W” tattoo.

He’s been a coach on the past two series of The Voice of Holland and has previously performed with Dolly P from Nashville — aka the great Dolly Parton.

And of course, Waylon is known for his iconic hat.

Guess who's back… 🇳🇱

Posted by Eurovisie Songfestival on Thursday, November 9, 2017

His participation was finally confirmed in social media, featuring a photo of Waylon serving blue steel.

Waylon previously represented the Netherlands at Eurovision 2014 as part of The Common Linnets. He and fellow Linnet Ilse DeLange performed the moody country ballad “Calm After the Storm”.

Their performance placed second, with 238 points, making it The Netherlands’ best Eurovision result since Teach-In won with “Ding-a-Dong” in 1975.

But the Ilse and Waylon partnership did not last long. Soon after Eurovision, Waylon left the Common Linnets and returned to his solo career.

It seems there was bad blood between Waylon and Ilse. He released the song “Jailbird”, full of references to Ilse’s previous singles, and a lyric about how he needs to leave someone before that person will take him down. Meow!

There’s no word on Waylon’s song for Eurovision 2018, but it is likely that the song won’t be released until spring 2018.

What do you think? Can Waylon give the Netherlands a Eurovision victory? Share your thoughts below!