The return of the Dream Team? Philipp Kirkorov teases “miracle adventure” with Dimitris Kontopoulos


They’re two of the most successful creatives behind many iconic Eurovision performances. Now it seems that the so-called “Dream Team” of Philipp Kirkorov and Dimitris Kontopoulos may have something new in store. In a recent Instagram post, Kirkorov teased new project he dubbed a “miracle adventure”.

The Russian maestro broke the news in an Instagram birthday greeting for his Greek colleague Kontopoulos.

As well as wishing Kontopoulos a happy birthday, Kirkorov also alluded to a new project. He wrote, “We did so many fantastic things in our “DREAM TEAM” with Brother ILIAS @iliaskokotos , and we again start to prepare “miracle adventure ” for next year?!!!”

And in case there was any doubt what it referred to, he added the hashtag #eurovisionsongcontest to the post.

But the question is, if the men are working on another Eurovision entry, which country is it for?

Greece can be ruled out, as Kontopoulos’ home country has reportedly already narrowed down the five songs that will be competing in the upcoming national final.

As for Kirkorov’s country Russia, that’s a little less certain. Russian’s entry for Lisbon is being organised by Channel One, whereas Kirkorov is traditionally affiliated with Russia-1. This means it’s less likely he’ll be involved with Russia’s entry for Lisbon, but it can’t be ruled out. Kirkorov has previously spoken of how he’d be happy to write a song for Julia Samoylov, should she be chosen for Lisbon.

But what other countries does this leave?

The pair have collaborated on songs for Belarus (2007) and Ukraine (2008). Belarus is a possibility, though it seems unlikely that the Ukraine of today would be happy with a high-profile Russian artist writing their entry.

In 2013, Kontopoulos co-wrote Azerbaijan’s entry “Hold Me”, which placed second in Malmö. Azerbaijan has since used Swedish songwriters, but perhaps they feel like a change for Aisel‘s song.

Or could the Dream Team be looking at writing for a new country? With songs that regularly place in the top ten, their combined talents would be in demand by any country looking to boost their Eurovision results.

Another part of the Dream Team is creative director Ilias Kokotos. He was part of the team’s most recent Eurovision collaboration — Sergey Lazarev‘s 2016 entry “You Are the Only One”.

Intriguingly, Kokotos recently posted this photo of the four men celebrating together in Sochi, Russia. Is this a sign that they’ve recently been collaborating?

We miss you @AniLorak ?

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Whatever the “miracle adventure” turns out to be, it will surely only enhance the overall quality of entries at Eurovision 2018.

What do you think? Who would you like to see the Dream Team write for? Should Sergey make a comeback for Russia? Tell us your thoughts below!