No more snippets! Norway’s songs to be released in full, two months before national final


In previous years, Norway‘s broadcaster NRK has been a little stingy with releasing the songs competing in Melodi Grand Prix. But this time, their priorities have changed. Now the full songs will be released almost two months before the grand final.

Last year, fans had to wait until early February until the MGP 2017 songs were revealed. And then it was only 15-second preview clips. The full-length songs weren’t released until mid-February. But a change is coming.

Norwegian fan blog ESC Norge reports that the full-length versions of the songs will be released on 15 January. The songs will be released at a special press conference, with more fans and media invited along.

The 15 January release date means the song will be available to the public almost two months before the grand final of MGP on 10 March.

Melodi Grand Prix producer Stig Karlsen told ESC Norge that the change has been made “to see if any of the submitted songs stand out in and have a greater impact than the others.”

There is also the possibility that some of the songs may enter the Norwegian chart prior to the grand final.

ESC Norge notes that the previous release schedule was widely criticised by fans. By only releasing snippets, the emphasis was more on the artists competing, rather than their songs.

Earlier in the year, NRK revealed that they had received almost 1200 entries for MGP 2018.

At the time, MGP chief Stig Karlsen sounded upbeat, saying, “There are very many talented people engaged in next year’s MGP. It’s going to hurt to pick only ten songs and ten artists to fight to represent Norway in Lisbon!”

NRK has reportedly been in touch with producers and record labels, hoping to secure some big names for MGP 2018. One rumour suggests that Norwegian twin teen pop sensations Marcus & Martinus may be among the 10 finalists.

What do you think? Are you happy that NRK is releasing the full songs earlier? Who would you like to see compete in Melodi Grand Prix 2018? Tell us in the comments section below!