The big Melodifestivalen 2018 reveal is just weeks away and the rumours continue to roll in. Aftonbladet reports that two-time Eurovision representative Kikki Danielsson is due to make her tenth Melodifestivalen appearance, while Swedish Idol 2015 winner Martin Almgren will make his Melfest debut.

Kikki Danielsson

Swedish music legend Kikki has twice represented Sweden at Eurovision. In 1982 she was part of the group Chips who performed “Dag efter dag”, then in 1985 she entered solo with “Bra vibrationer” which placed third. She’s competed even more in Melodifestivalen, clocking up nine entries, and an extra one at Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix. Most recently she competed at Melodifestivalen 2006 with “I dag & i morgon”. The Thomas G:son-written song made it to the grand final where it placed last with only two points.

While Kikki is known for performing in a number of different styles, including dansband, schlager and pop, Aftonbladet‘s source claims her Melfest 2018 entry will be a country tune. Kikki has enjoyed a recent revival after being discovered by a new generation. She recently appeared in the music video for Norwegian artist Kamferdrops’ cover of her 1999 song “Jag trodde änglarna fanns”. She is currently starring alongside Eric Saade in the new season of celebrity music show Så mycket bättre.

Martin Almgren

Martin Almgren was the winner of the 2015 series of Swedish Idol. He won over viewers with his strong and expressive voice. While he is a comfortable soul singer, he’s also able to deliver pop tracks with ease.

Swedish Idol has a good track record at Eurovision. It’s produced two winners (Loreen and Måns Zelmerlöw) as well as Robin Bengtsson, Robin Stjernberg and Anna Bergendahl. Martin’s fellow Idol 2015 contestant Axel Schylström made his Melfest debut earlier this year.

Kikki and Martin will be joined at Melodifestivalen 2018 by Alcazar, Ida Redig, John Lundvik, Olivia Eliasson, Benjamin Ingrosso, Felix Sandman, Méndez, Sigrid BernsonSamir & Viktor and P4 Nästa winner Stiko Per Larsson.

What do you think? Are you happy to see schlagerqueen Kikki return? Who would you like to see at Melfest 2018? Share your thoughts below!



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Music Is the Key

Post 2000 MF schlagers = Dull reproductions of contrived, dated, unoriginal “fast food” Swedish pop. In my opinion that acounts for 80 % of the recent MF-schlagers


“Kikki and Martin **will be joined at Melodifestivalen 2018** by Alcazar, Ida Redig, John Lundvik, Olivia Eliasson, Benjamin Ingrosso, Felix Sandman, Méndez, Sigrid Bernson, Samir & Viktor and P4 Nästa winner Stiko Per Larsson.”

Does this mean all of these other acts are confirmed to take part?


I’m happy, Alcazar is taking part in 2018!


I know this has nothing to do with this article, but Kikki was in a show with Eric Saade where they remake each others songs, and make their own versions. Kikki made an OK version of Erics Darkest Hours but the real star was the artist
Sabina Ddumba that did MANBOY…I never thought I would say I like a Eric Saade song especially Manboy of all songs but now I do!
Sabinas version is gold! You just have to watch it on YouTube, Sabina Ddumba – Manboy!
Yes Eric himself is in the clip aswell for you fans out there!


One of the aim’s of Melodifestivalen is to represent different types of music. They had Hasse Andersson in 2015, Anna Book in 2016 (Krista Siegfrids also sang something simmiliar to Schlager, though) and Owe Thornquist in 2017. So, the entry of Kikki won’t be somethink very unique. And hey, do you even looked to the results before writing this comment ? Owe qualified direct till final this year, and Hasse finished 4th in the final of 2015, so how can you say that “we all know she will be at the bottom” ??


You clearly don’t understand Melodifestivalen then. These older schlager artists take part in the contest to appeal to older demographics, and to make sure older people aren’t forced to listen to teen music every week. They are not the butt of any jokes, and many of them have become praised (such as Roger Pontare and Hasse Andersson). They don’t qualify often because the teens are the ones mass voting. Please educate yourself before spewing nonsense.


It was so sad to see three time winner Marie Bergman come last in her semi-final a couple of years ago. Not all of these legend have the success of Hasse and it can be tough to watch. Kikki is made of stern stuff, though. I hope she at least gets to the final.

schlager hater-because somebody has to say it
schlager hater-because somebody has to say it

schlager hater
somebody has to say it

schlager hater-becuse somebody has to say it
schlager hater-becuse somebody has to say it

go away with your schlager. omg this would be hell.


They should rather pick Liam Cacatian Thomassen than Martin Almgren. He could bring Sweden into Top Five with the right song again.


Kicki is actually more known for country than schlager. She started with country music, then went “mainstream” with schlager. Don’t expect her to even qualify, she is just taking advantage of her resurgence. Could be fun!


I agree. With the right song, Liam would be a real contender.

Music Is the Key

Let’s hope she goes for country music then


Will we have to like any step in Mello? There are not any other news except Mello? In the next weeks we will know everything about Mello. Just stop with Mello. No more Mello. You don’t have to tell us everything about Mello. Just don’t tell us everything about Mello. Keep some mystery! Mello should be a mystery.


In terms of national selection shows alone, Wiwibloggs posted news about Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, Latvia’s Supernova, Germany’s Unser Song and Estonia’s Eesti Laul earlier in the past 48 hours.


The inclusion of Kikki put a smile to my face. She will not win, of course, but seeing her brings so many memories.