OT 2017: We NEED Amaia and Alfred representing Spain in Eurovision 2018!


Some weeks ago we were naming our first favourites from Spain’s Operación Triunfo. The show has been rumoured to serve as the platform to select Spain’s entry for Eurovision 2018, and now that it’s doing rather well in the ratings, that possibility seems closer. Or maybe this is just wishful thinking because we have found the perfect entrants.

Not to brag about our prediction abilities, but right after the first show, we named four contestants as our favourites. All of them are still in the competition, but two of them — Amaia and Alfred — are amongst everyone’s favourites. And tonight, they’ve sung La La Land‘s “City of stars” together, and well… *faints*

Amaia and Alfred – “City of Stars” live at OT 2017

I mean… LOOK AT THEM. Aren’t they adorable?! It’s not just that everyone is heavily shipping them, it’s also that they are two of the most talented contestants in this year’s show. Their performance tonight has been magical, and OH MY GOD just imagine something like that in Lisbon.

Amaia’s got everyone in love with her from the beginning. Her voice is sweet and soft like a warm embrace, and despite being only 18 years old, she fills the stage like no other. Her attitude and confidence on stage makes it feel as if she has been performing all her life.

But then she’s also the star of the contest off stage. Last week, she was named favourite of the audience, so she was safe. The first thing that she said? “Oh thank you! But I need to use more Instagram, but I can’t because I lose my phone every day!”

She’s so natural and well-mannered that everyone is in love with her. And during this week, we’ve seen some of these moments with Alfred as well. As if we weren’t already shipping them. Like the other day, just before the first rehearsal:

Alfred: People say there’s a surprise now. Do you know what time (the rehearsal) is?
Amaia: At 4.30
Alfred: But people say it’s now.
Amaia: Oh… then it will be now, because I’m never right about timetables.
Amaia: You know? I love watching sprinklers…
Alfred: Yeah… they pour water sometimes…


And what about Alfred? He surprised everyone on the first show when he sang “Georgia on my Mind” while playing his trombone. He’s the artsy kid, he’s already a musician and now he’s perfecting his artistry. He’s like the shy guy who’s super good at what he does. In a way, he is reminiscent of  Salvador Sobral.

Alfred – “Georgia on my Mind” live at OT 2017

And like, okay, we’re not sure if RTVE will go for an internal selection in the end, but come on, the risk of having something similar to last year’s Objetivo Eurovision is there.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they pick them once the show is over and just let them write a song? Spain hasn’t had a duo for ages, and we’re sure Alfred and Amaia would be absolutely amazing! Please RTVE, pleeeeease!

What do you think of Alfred and Amaia? Do you think they’re worthy of Eurovision? Would you rather see one of the two on their own? Do you think RTVE should pick anyone else from OT? Or just any other act? Tell us in the comment section below!