Jedward join Honey G and other X Factor UK stars in new Christmas advert


‘Tis the season for retail giants to break out their Christmas ads. This year UK fashion retailer Peacocks has debuted their seasonal promo, starring Jedward. The Irish twins star alongside other iconic contestants from The X Factor UK.

The commercial stars Jedward hosting a Christmas party. They open their front door to carolers and discover X Factor 2013 winner Sam Bailey, 2016 series rapper Honey G, and 2010’s iconic performer Wagner.

The guests join in with Jedward’s festivities, and before you can say “ho ho ho”, a chaotic Christmas carnival erupts.

While Honey G delivers some of her notorious rapping styles, the Grimes brother also bust out a few lyrics. Their last rap single was “Oh Hell No!”, the theme song for the 2015 film Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

The choice of rap performances ties in with the ad campaign’s puntastic slogan: “All you need to do is the wrapping.”

The retailer has also released a behind-the-scenes video, showing the method to the madness.

In the video, John from Jedward shares his confidence in the ad, “I feel like this is going to go down in history as the best Christmas commercial to ever exist on the whole planet.”

Edward big-upped the rap collaboration, saying, “It’s so memorable. You’ve got Honey G, Jedward, Wagner and Sam Bailey. We’ve never been in the same room together. I never thought that we’d be collaborating with Honey G. This rap is sick and it’s gonna shut it down.”

John added, “If Tupac was still around, he’d wanna be on the track.”

Jedward look for love

The twins have been busy lately. They’re currently starring in the MTV celebrity dating series Single AF.

Jedward have joined Geordie Shore‘s Marnie Simpson, drag superstar Courtney Act, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, YouTuber Elliot Crawford and boy band member Casey Johnson in an international search for love.

Over the series, John and Edward — working as individuals, of course — will travel the world and go on a series of dates, looking for that special someone.

And they seem to be doing alright out of it. Casey and Elliot have been heard complaining that the Grimes brothers are doing better with the ladies than they are.

As the series continues, we will see if Jedward do eventually find love.

What do you think? Which Eurovision stars would you like to see appearing in a Christmas commercial? Share your thoughts below!