WATCH: Slavko Kalezic promises to reveal X Factor truths in tell-all book


He’s the outrageous Montenegrin diva who recently made it to Judges Houses on The X Factor UK. Now Slavko Kalezic — who recently performed at SunStroke Project’s concert in Moldova — says he’s ready to reveal all about his X Factor experience. He’s planning to dish the dirt in his upcoming book.

We caught up with Slavko after rehearsals at the SunStroke Project & Friends concert in Chisinau. The Montenegrin artist had high praise for the soundcheck at the Nicolae Sulac National Palace.

But, he added, “it’s incomparable to my soundcheck in Eurovision because my sound in Eurovision was not too good.”

The “Space” singer said he was glad he could speak openly about things. He didn’t hold back. And he had a few things to reveal about The X Factor.

Slavko claimed that The X Factor team had scouted him, soon after the “Space” video was released. “They scouted me. I told them, ‘Ok, I’m very interested, but we need to wait for the Eurovision project to finish.'”

He also shared his literary plans. Slavko promised that he will reveal all in his upcoming book. He says he’ll tell all the behind-the-scenes stories from both The X Factor and his Eurovision experience.

He explained, “I will write about Eurovision. Everything that was happening during. All the struggles, all the difficulties I had — because there were so many difficulties. I wanna write about why I was the only one on the stage who didn’t have any kind of pyrotechnics.”

And it sounds like he’s planning on doing a little digging to discover why he didn’t make The X Factor live shows. “It was supposed that I’m gonna be in the live shows. But I will discover why I wasn’t in the live shows.”

But it wasn’t all book talk. Slavko also shared his favourite moment from Eurovision: “When I said, in the semi-final, “Majko, volim te”, which means “Mother, I love you.” It’s one of the most beautiful parts of my Eurovision journey.”

Slavko Kalezic backstage at SunStroke Project & Friends concert in Moldova