Cards at the ready: Eurovision 2018 grand final tickets on sale November 30


Check that bank balance and get ready to queue! RTP are being prompt with their organisation of Eurovision 2018. We now know that tickets for the May 12 Grand Final go on sale on Thursday, November 30. That’s just under two weeks away!

The sale will go live at 11.00 CET. And as ever, expect there to be a fierce fight for your spot in the Altice Arena!

This first wave of ticket sales is for Grand Final standing tickets only. (This is despite the initial announcement that this first wave of sales would include tickets for the jury show and Saturday rehearsal and seated tickets for the grand final).

Tickets for seated areas at the Grand Final will go on sale at a later date. The second wave of Grand Final ticket tales will take place on 20 December. Tickets to the semi-finals will go on sale in January, after the semi-final allocation draw.

Eurovision 2018 Tickets: Where to buy & how much?

Tickets will be sold through the event’s official ticketing website, Blue Ticket.

This first wave of tickets will also only be for the Grand Final seating areas.

They’ll be priced from at “various levels” from €120 and €200. There’s no details yet as to what the other price points will be, however, or where in the arena they correspond to.

Semi-Finals, OGAE and More

The next wave of tickets will be for the two Semi-Finals and their rehearsals. These tickets will go on sale some time in January 2018.

It’s also likely that some more tickets for the Final and its associated shows will become available, as the stage design is confirmed.

One piece of news that will be welcomed by fans is the confirmation of OGAE packages. 1700 tickets will be made available to the fan clubs from the beginning this year. It’s a big jump from the 900 offered in Kyiv, which was seen as a bonus after OGAE were initially offered nothing.

Portugal knows how to treat Eurovision diehards well, y’all!

Tickets return to earlier release

November has often been the goal for Eurovision tickets to go on sale. Stockholm and Copenhagen tickets were also released in November. Vienna was just behind with a mid-December release.

Of course, nothing can beat the much delayed and maligned Kyiv ticket process. Tickets for the shows only went on sale in February 2017. Even then, the process was fraught with technical woes.

Let’s hope that Portugal and Blue Ticket know what’s coming for them!

Are you excited by tickets coming out? Do you plan on making the trip to Lisbon? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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