The big reveal of the acts competing in Melodifestivalen 2018 is less than one week away, but the names of rumoured acts keep coming in. Aftonbladet has named singer-songwriter Dotter, TV personality Edward Blom, musical theatre star Emmi Christensson, Melfest diva Jessica Andersson and ’90s popstress Emilia as likely acts, while celebrity mag Hänt reckons Mariette will be making her third Melfest appearance.


Johanna Jansson — who performs as Dotter (daughter) — is a singer-songwriter. She made her Melfest debut in 2017 as one of the songwriters behind Mariette’s entry “A Million Years”.

Edward Blom

Edward Blom is a historian and television personality — not a singer. But this summer he was the star of an unexpected viral hit single. Producer Tonsatt took Edward’s speech and autotuned it to create the dance track “När Man Festar Festar Man”, which reached No.32 in the Swedish charts. But the question remains, what would his Melodifestivalen entry involve?

Emmi Christensson

Emmi is best known as a musical theatre performer. She has recently starred as Christine in The Phantom of the Opera, both in London’s West End and alongside Peter Jöback in the Stockholm production. She will make her Melfest debut.

Jessica Andersson

Jessica Andersson is a six-time Melodifestivalen veteran. She has performed twice as part of the duo Fame, including their victory in 2003 with “Give Me Your Love”, which went on to place fifth in Riga. As a solo artist, she has competed at Melfest four times. Most recently she had with the power ballad “Can’t Hurt Me Now”, which placed 11th in 2015. Aftonbladet‘s source says that Jessica Andersson’s spot in Melfest 2018 is not guaranteed yet.

Emilia Rydberg Mitiku

Emilia is best known for her 1998 single “Big Big World”. The modern ballad was an international hit and reached No.1 in eight countries and hit No.5 in the UK. Emilia has also previously competed at Melodifestivalen. In 2009 she placed ninth in the grand final with “You’re My World”. Aftonbladet‘s source is also careful to note that Emilia’s place at Melfest is not guaranteed.


Swedish celebrity news publication Hänt has some Melfest rumours of their own. They’re tipping Mariette to make her third Melfest appearance. Mariette placed third at Melfest 2015 with her ballad “Don’t Stop Believing” and earlier this year she placed fourth with the uplifting song “A Million Years”. Her 2017 song also won the OGAE 2017 Second Chance Contest, showing there’s still a lot of love for Mariette!

Dotter, Edward Blom, Emmi Christensson, Jessica Andersson, and Emilia Rydberg Mitiku will be joined at Melodifestivalen 2018 by Kamferdrops, Jonas Gardell, Renaida Braun, Kalle MoraeusKikki Danielsson, Martin AlmgrenAlcazar, Ida Redig, John Lundvik, Olivia EliassonBenjamin Ingrosso, Felix Sandman, Méndez, Sigrid BernsonSamir & Viktor and P4 Nästa winner Stiko Per Larsson.

What do you think? How is the Melfest 2018 line-up shaping up? Who else would you like to see in the show? Share your thoughts below!


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Please bring Smith & Thell, Adrijana, and Ace Wilder!


I somehow predict a spot in the finale for Edward Blom. It has that Björn Ranelid and Owe Thörnqvist feeling.


sabina ddumba or jon henrik please please please


No! Not Jessica again! How boring is that? I’m quite dissapointed about the rumoured artists so far. Please give me Agnes and Darin!


I wouldn’t call a #32 in the Swedish charts a hit single.


I love Dotter, but I never expected that she’d do Melodifestivalen. Also, I really don’t want Jessica Andersson back she’s terrible lol


I don’t know what to think about Mariette’s return. Can she do better song than “A Million Years”? It was a masterpiece, the song, the dancers, the outfit, everything.

Polegend Godgarina

Y’all have such low standards. It was a very generic song and she was literally standing still throughout the entire performance. The dancers were uncoordinated. No wonder she flopped in televote.


Well, imo, it was bad. The staging made it even worse. Those dancers were completely unconnected to the song.

Benito Bonito

I like Melofestivalen, but how are the artists chosen? Does ”The General” have all the power? Does Christer Björkman handpick them?


Dotter will be awesome ?.