Elhaida Dani releases Kënga Magjike song “E Ngrire” ahead of Christmas EP with English songs


In December she’ll compete in Albania’s Kënga Magjike — the storied Albanian festival that selects the country’s most magical song.

And earlier this week Eurovision 2015 fan favourite Elhaida Dani released “E Ngrire” (Frozen) — her highly-anticipated entry for the prestigious pop competition.

The Voice of Italy winner composed the lyrics herself, which might explain why she seems to feel every single note in the music video. Staring straight into the camera and standing against a black backdrop, she’s a woman who doesn’t want to let go of her beloved. As she sings: “Frozen, my heart will freeze until you come back.” As the song progresses and Elhaida grows in strength, the screen transforms into a colourscape of blues, blacks and whites — an icy vista that Elhaida melts with her warm, rich vocals.

The song builds beautifully and gives Elhaida plenty of space to show off her vast vocal range. The soulful mmmmm-ing gives this a sultry feel, and the big chorus transforms it into an anthem. It definitely induces hand-clapping. Preach, Miss Dani!

Clearly in it to win it, Elhaida collaborated with the well-known Macedonian producer Darko Dimitrov, who has worked with stars including Tijana Dapcevic, Esma, Jelena Tomasevic, Sergej Cetkovic and Marija Serifovic.

The gospel choir that supports Elhaida in the song was directed by Alessandro Pozzetto – director of the Italian Gospel Choir.

Elhaida will release the English version of the song — and an accompanying music video — in December. As an added bonus she’ll also release a Christmas EP featuring unpublished English songs. Deck the halls, indeed!

It’s been a busy few months for the “I’m Alive” hitmaker.

She recently toured France as part of the musical Notre Dame de Paris, and last month she published her single “Me Mbaj” (Keep Me) in collaboration with Albanian DJ Olti. It’s already a hit in Albania.

Elhaida will no doubt be a favourite to win Kënga Magjike, which would see her follow in the footsteps of fellow Eurovision alums Aurela Gaçe and Juliana Pasha.

Are you feeling her song? How does it compare to her Eurovision entry “I’m Alive”? Let us know in the comments box below!

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