Ireland: John Lydon confirms Eurovision rumour is true… but who should RTÉ send to Lisbon?


Last month, John Lydon teased his potential involvement as Ireland‘s act for Eurovision 2018. Now the punk legend — formerly known as Johnny Rotten — has confirmed the news. But it seems broadcaster RTÉ is yet to be convinced.

As revealed to The Irish Sun, the former Sex Pistols frontman has been paired with a song called “Pleased To Meet You”, written by Irish songwriter Niall Mooney. It is described as “cow punk” — a cross between country and punk.

If selected, Lydon would perform the song with his band Public Image Limited.

Lydon — who was born in English to Irish parents — told The Irish Sun of his enthusiasm for the contest. He said, “It would be a great honour for me to represent Ireland for the Eurovision Song Contest”.

Songwriter Niall Mooney has plenty of experience with Ireland’s Eurovision selection. In 2009, he co-wrote Sinéad Mulvey & Black Daisy’s punk-pop song “Et Cetera”, which narrowly missed out on making the grand final in Moscow. The following year, he co-wrote Niamh Kavanagh’s comeback song, the ballad “It’s For You”, which placed 23rd in the Oslo grand final.

In 2013 Mooney was one of the five mentors in Eurosong. His act Zoe Alexis Bohorquez sang his co-written song “Fire”. She placed fourth-equal in the national final.

Mooney told The Irish Sun that he specifically thought of Lydon after attending the Eurovision forum held by RTÉ earlier this year.

He said, “RTE told us to find singers who are used to playing to big crowds, a catchy song and, most of all, something unexpected which has never been done before at Eurovision.”

Lydon — who has been performing to huge crowds around the world for well over 40 years — fits that description perfectly.

But RTÉ is yet to be convinced. A source told The Irish Sun, “This could be even worse for Ireland than Dustin the Turkey with John Lydon screaming into a microphone at Eurovision in Portugal next year.”

Who should Ireland send to Eurovision 2018?

Rumours have been flying around with other names said to be under consideration by RTÉ. Samantha Mumba — who had a number of hit singles in the very early 2000s — is said to be one potential name. The “Gotta Tell You” hitmaker has long been rumoured as a potential Irish artist, and earlier this year revealed that she would love to do Eurovision.

Also rumoured to be under consideration is an Irish boyband, who would reunite for Eurovision. The identity of the boyband is not known, but they are said to not be a high-profile group like Boyzone or Westlife.

But who do you think should represent Ireland at Eurovision 2018? Have your say in our poll, and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!