Naviband celebrate Ksenya’s pregnancy with “A Dzie Zyvies Ty?” music video


They’re two of the nicest, quirkiest Eurovision contestants we have ever met in the nine years we’ve been covering the Eurovision Song Contest.

So on Monday morning we were overjoyed to learn that Naviband — that’s Artem Lukyanenko and Ksenya Zhuk — will soon welcome their first child into the world.

The duo teased the announcement of Ksenya’s pregnancy with their new music video for “A Dzie Zyvies Ty?” (And where do you live?), writing on Instagram that they had some big news.

“We reveal the secret and begin a new way of our creative and life story,” they wrote in the caption.

And the secret becomes more than clear by the end of the music video, when Artem gently rubs Ksenya’s stomach — and his to-be-named child.

Artem cleared up any ambiguity in a message to wiwibloggs.

“The song is about new life in our big creative family,” he wrote. “Because Ksenya is pregnant.”

As we’ve come to expect from the Belarusian duo, the music video is bright and cheery — even if it takes place at night and in winter.

The video cuts between the duo all warm and cosy at home and a jolly craftsman making a luminous moon. He carries it from his shop to a grand stage via a bus, serving a slice of Nathan Trent realness in the process. He eventually plants it outside of Naviband’s home — the perfect winter warmer as they welcome their child into the world.

The single is available on all digital platforms, and the full album is already available for pre-order on iTunes and GooglePlay.

We’re fairly confident that Artem and Ksenya will be the best parents ever. And that their child’s first words will be “Hey! Hey!”

Belarus at Eurovision 2017

The duo made history in 2017 as the first act from their country ever to sing in Belarusian.

Their track “Story of My Life” had a folksy, indigenous sound and was a splash of happy that made Europe smile.

It took Belarus back to the Eurovision final after two years of non-qualification, and remains a go-to track if you need a pick-me-up. That’s once reason I recommended it to BBC listeners over the summer when I was a guest on the BBC World Service’s Arts Hour. Europe needs to hear them!

Are you excited about Naviband’s big news? What message do you have for them? And are you loving the new video as much as we are? Let us know in the comments box below!

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