“I’m in shock!” — Emma tells us about winning San Marino’s first 1 in 360 wildcard


Early this morning — shortly after midnight San Marino time — organisers at 1 in 360 revealed that Emma had won the first wildcard vote. But Emma, who lives and teaches in Stockholm, had already gone to bed when the news dropped. Her sleep was short-lived though, as she woke at 5am local time to the sight and sound of notifications blowing up her phone. “I’m speechless,” she tells wiwibloggs in an interview just moments later. “I’m in shock!”

Below you can read her first reaction and learn a little bit more about her journey to San Marino’s Eurovision selection so far.

Congratulations! Where were you when you heard the news that you had won the wildcard? And what was your reaction?

I woke up to a lot of notifications on my phone and then I saw the 1in360 video at 5 o’clock in the morning. I’m usually not a morning person, but I’ve never woken up faster. My reaction was just repeating the words, “What what WHAT is happening?” along with the widest smile in the world. I still can’t quite believe this is happening!

You were a huge fan favourite ahead of UMK earlier this year. Surely you thought you had a chance at winning?

No, not at all! I actually thought that I wouldn’t get through at all! Especially because of my UMK performance. I just was so proud of myself for having the courage to post the video in the first place and that was enough of a win for me. But I’m truly grateful. Wow! Is this really true?

San Marino: Emma wins the first 1 in 360 wildcard and will sing in the national selection

When did you make the decision to go for 1 in 360? Did it take extra courage following UMK?

Maybe a week after the first auditions appeared on 1in360 YouTube channel and people kept saying that I should try. Just two days before I pressed send for my video I decided that maybe I shouldn’t apply. I was too afraid. But something told me that I should do this. And all the love from my fans gave me the extra courage I needed. And now I couldn’t be more happy that I decided to click on the send button!

In your 1 in 360 audition, you sang Andra Day’s “Rise Up”, a song about overcoming obstacles. Why did you choose that song? What does it mean to you?

I actually heard the song only like two weeks before I sang it myself. I saw the YouTube video that went viral of the lovely kids from Baltimore’s Cardinal Shehan School and I cried for hours! It was so beautiful and when I heard the lyrics I felt that this song is perfect for me right now. I need to rise up. We all fall! But we need to rise up unafraid and despite of the ache as Andra Day sings. I need to rise up and I need to do so to move on and knowing that I am good enough even though I’ve fallen in life.

Do you have any idea which composers you will work with for the next stage of the San Marino competition? Do you already have a song?

I have no idea what will happen next! I have a few people who contacted me during 1in360 competition. One of them actually co-wrote a winning Eurovision song a few years back! But I have no song yet. I have an idea myself of what type of song I would like to have. It would be nice to co-write together with someone!

Are you already thinking about staging ideas? What do you hope to do?

Well I’ve only been thinking so far what I don’t want to do if I ever would get a second chance! Haha. Like a torch for instance! This time I would like to go with the idea “less is more”.

You have been very open about your fight with depression — a struggle which many of our readers will understand and relate to. What kind of support have you gotten from your fans?

I was afraid of opening up about that at first. But I felt like I needed to get it out there for myself so I could “move on”. I had no idea that it would have such an effect on so many people. Many have written to me and shared their stories and now I don’t feel alone anymore, which I did when I was at my lowest with my depression. Thanks to all of the support from all of my fans I’ve gained some strength again. Together we are strong!

“I felt like I was drowning” — Emma shares emotional video about UMK 2017 and fight against depression

Do you have any other favourites in the San Marino competition? Is there anyone you are dying to meet from the selection?

I like Sara de Blue and I would love to get to know her! There have been many amazing singers at 1in360 and I wish them all the luck in the world.

Finally, do you have a message for all of your fans on wiwibloggs.com?

I have two messages! First of all I would like to thank you all who work at wiwibloggs. You guys do such an amazing job. You have enriched the Eurovision community with so much joy that you deserve a gold medal — with sparkling diamonds on!

And my second message is to all of you amazing wiwiblogg readers! Wow! So much love! So much positive energy! YOU deserve all the hearts in the world! ?? Thank you for all of your support. It really means the whole world to me. Now… LET’S DO THIS! #emmaforsanmarino!

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