San Marino: SMRTV received 1050 entries for 1 In 360 national final


It’s the brand new national final that’s sparking huge fan interest. Now San Marino‘s broadcaster SMRTV has revealed that 1050 entries were submitted to the 1 In 360 national selection.

Entries for 1 In 360 closed on 30 November and now SMRTV has released some statistics about the entries received.

Of the 1050 entries, 971 were submitted in video format, while 79 were entered as audio only.

And of the video entries, 557 were uploaded to the 1 In 360 YouTube channel. It’s not clear why the other 414 videos weren’t uploaded to YouTube. However, this could include deleted videos, such as fake entries or multiple entries from one artist. It’s also possible that entries that paid the five euro fee to bypass the public vote were not uploaded.

San Marino’s 1050 total is topped only by Sweden (2771) and Norway (1200). However, both those countries required an original song to be entered, whereas San Marino was only auditioning singers.

1 In 360 was open to singers from any country, and SMRTV notes that entries were received from 75 countries. As well as many entries from within Europe, the contest also attracted entries from such far-flung locations as Cameroon, the Philippines, South Africa, Haiti and Afghanistan.

The contest also attracted seven artists from the microstate itself.

Eurovision 2015 representative Anita Simoncini, 2016 points spokesperson Irol MCAlessandra Busignani, Alibi, Fabrizio Valentini, Gianluigi Colucci, and Jimmy JDKA. The seven local acts will face a wildcard vote, meaning that at least one San Marino artist will make it to the next phase of the selection.

San Marino’s 1 in 360: Gloria Zaccaria and Miguel Vincentre lead second wildcard vote

Less than one percent of the 1050 entries will make it to the next stage. As well as the San Marino wildcard, there will also be a wildcard determined by public vote. Votes were reset on December 1, and the artist with the most number of votes (in this case hearts) will bag the ticket.

Currently, the vote is led by Gloria Zaccaria from Italy with 28,571 votes, while Miguel Vincentre from Spain has 26,191. The next highest act — Julian Lesinski from Poland — has 10,294.

A third wildcard vote has already been decided. Various OGAE fan clubs nominated 69 acts and voted for their favourite. The winner was Finland’s Emma Sandström, who earlier placed third at UMK 2017 with “Circle of Light”.

The three wildcard winners will join seven other acts chosen by the selection jury. The ten finalists will compete in the elimination shows which will take place in January.

What do you think? Who would you like to see in the next phase of 1 In 360? Share your thoughts below!