Spain: RTVE will use Operación Triunfo as selection method for Eurovision 2018


It’s confirmed! Spain’s RTVE will select their Eurovision 2018 entrant amongst the contestants of Operación Triunfo 2017. It’s happening!!! *nervous breakdown*

OT has been running for seven weeks now and it has become the biggest success of TVE in many many years. The show’s audience grows every week and it has become a social media sensation. Now, one (or maybe more) of the 16 contestants will take part in Eurovision 2018.

For weeks, we’ve been telling you how much we’re enjoying this revival. OT has managed to win over the hearts of the Spaniards with their contestants’ evolution and charisma. Practically all of the country’s music scene has been in the ‘academia’ and Amaia — one of the contestants — has become a viral phenomenon.

But let’s be honest – using OT as the Eurovision selection doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Right from the start, Eurovision has been very present in the show. Spanish Eurovision stars Manel Navarro, Ruth Lorenzo and Barei talked to the OT acts about their Eurovision experience.

And almost every week, contestants have sung Eurovision songs. Check out how tonight Nerea SLAYED Pastora Soler’s “Quédate conmigo” – in front of the real Pastora!

Nerea – “Quédate conmigo”

And here’s Alfred singing “Amar pelos dois” a few weeks ago. Can we say anything else?

Alfred – “Amar pelos dois”

As a group performance, all the contestants sang La Casa Azul’s “La revolución sexual”, a song which finished third on Spain’s selection in 2008 and which went on to become a sexual liberation anthem in the country.

Through the weeks, many Eurovision participants have also visited OT. This week, Barei and Pastora Soler have been there and two weeks ago Ruth Lorenzo gave this terrific performance of her last single, “Good girls don’t lie”

This won’t be the first time Operación Triunfo has been used as Spain’s selection programme for Eurovision. From 2002 to 2004, OT was used, resulting in three solid years of top-ten finishes for Spain. This included Rosa López’ iconic “Europe’s Living a Celebration”, which placed 7th in 2002.

As of tonight, there are only 11 contestants left in the show. RTVE is yet to reveal whether only the finalists will be candidates for Eurovision, like in 2002-2004 or if all the contestants are eligible.

Who should represent Spain at Eurovision? Who is your favourite? Amaia? Alfred? Aitana? Agoney? Cepeda? All of them together? Tell us in the comment section below!