Latvia: Supernova reveals 21 semi-finalists, including Markus Riva, Jenny May and Riga Reggae


Latvia’s Supernova 2018 continues to move on at a rapid pace. We’ve already had one public round and a jury preview (in a mall, no less). Now, the 21 semi-finalists for the show have been revealed a whole month early!

There’s a number of familiar faces in the list. Markus Riva returns for the fourth straight year, singing “This Time”. This makes him the only artist to participate in every edition of Supernova!

Katrine Lukins also qualifies with “Running Red Lights”, which won our longlist poll. And though it wasn’t as popular, the reggae-tinged “STOP THE WAR U2” by Riga Reggae makes it as well!

You can see all the 21 qualifiers below:

Supernova 2018 — Semi-Finalists

Other entries that stand out on the list include Jenny May with “Soledad”. Will the Spanish language song appeal to the Latvian voters?

The only other entry not in English is “Esamiba” by MADARA. The instrumental-heavy song was a big favourite when it was performed at the live jury preview. It certainly stands out amongst the pack, which could really help it as the competition continues.

There’s also a return to the contest for Aminata. Once again though, she’s taking a role behind the scenes. She’s the co-author of “What I Had With You”, performed by Ed Rallidae.

Supernova 2018: Live show format changes

We’ve already seen the Supernova format change slightly this year, but a further change was confirmed today. In previous years, we’ve seen four shows, consisting of two heats, a semi-final and the grand final of Supernova.

We’re still getting the same number of shows, but simply as three semi-finals. Two qualifiers from each will then move straight in to the grand final. All it means is that the fight to be Latvia’s representative in Lisbon just got that much harder!

What do you think of the semi-finalists for Supernova 2018? Who’s your favourite – and do you think any songs got missed out? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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