Czech Republic: Jakub Ondra and Mikolas Josef set for six-act national final


CT — the Eurovision broadcaster in the Czech Republic — only revealed that they’d stage a six-act national final on December 7, but news of who will sing is already leaking. — the Central European country’s leading Eurovision news site — reports that Jakub Ondra and Mikolas Josef are two of the lucky acts who will sing it out for the ticket to Eurovision 2018.

As the site reports, Jakub confirmed his selection in an interview with Czech publication Frontman.

“I was recently surprised to learn that I was selected and advanced with the song ‘Reasons To Love You  to the final selection of the Eurovision Song Contest,” he said on December 4.

I signed up for it with this song that is the most catchy I’ve ever written. So I’m curious and I’m going to surprise you. Of course, I would like it if it came out and I could go on to represent the Czech Republic in Lisbon.”

Readers of wiwibloggs may be familiar with him.

Our Prague-based blogger Mikhail selected Jakub as the Czech Republic’s candidate for wiwivision 2016 — our alternative Eurovision Song Contest with the song “On The Menu”. You can check it out below. Note: This is not his Eurovision entry.

As you can see in the video, he’s got both a strong sound and look. His music is toe-tapping, warm and current — a promising combination that will serve him well in the final.

Mikolas Josef previously confirmed that he had submitted his song “Lie to me” to the selection.

And recently Escportal spotted the singer on the Instagram stories feed of a member of the Czech delegation, who was streaming as the six finalists shot a promo for the national final.

A current song with an infectious rhythm and a fresh beat, “Lie to Me” would break CT’s streak of ballads. The catchy number mixes trap music, R&B and pop to great effect and comes with some seriously saucy lyrics. As he says, “Oh, she a good girl at home, but her skirt goes up like Marilyn Monroe.”

He hoped to represent his country last year, but lost out to Martina Barta in the behind-the-scenes negotiations. No matter. His passion remains — as he showed in an interview last November when he said his only goal would be victory at Eurovision. He also mentioned that he would love to incorporate some of his other talents — including breakdancing and gymnastics — into a potential ESC performance.

Are you excited by the prospect of these two gents in the Czech Republic’s Eurovision final? Do their sounds work for you? Let us know in the comments box below.