Eurovizijos atranka: Greta Zazza and Paula Valentaite return to Lithuania’s national selection


After strong and much celebrated debuts in last year’s Eurovizijos atranka, Greta Zazza and Paula Valentaite will return to contest Lithuania’s national selection.

The two up-and-coming singers received a lot of attention last year and, in conversations with Lithuanian newspaper Zmones, they’ve made it clear they want to win it all this time around.

Greta Zazza’s “Broken Shadows”

Greta, who splits her time between Stockholm and Vilnius, says that she learned a lot from her last try at Eurovizijos atranka but this time she is ready to go even higher.

“If before, it can be said, I was only warming my legs, then this time I will go to the stage completely confident in my strength, knowing everything and anything, and with a piece of work with which I have a very strong emotional connection,” she told the newspaper.

Her song “Broken Shadows” has really lit a fire inside her.

“I really believe in the song,” she says. “A small ‘chemical reaction’ has taken place between me and the music, which can be the key to success in both the national selection and, I believe, in the great Eurovision.”

Zazza worked with some proper heavyweights on the song. It was composed by Jonas Thander (Donny Montell’s “I’ve Been Waiting for This Night” and Fifth Harmony’s “That’s My Girl”) and Charlie Mason (Conchita’s “Rise Like A Phoenix”).

This entry marks a sharp change of direction from her last entry “Like I Love You”. While that was upbeat pop, “Broken Shadows” is a more lyrical and meaningful pop ballad. She’s versatile and ready to show off that voice.

Paula Valentaite

Paula Valentaite returns as well, and just like Greta she says she has learned so much from her previous participation. But this time Paula says that she will be much more confident and stay true to herself.

“Participation in the Eurovision selection was the biggest experience of my life, and helped me to make a firm decision not only to connect the future with music, but also to try to win this competition,” she told the newspaper. “This time I go into the competition feeling calm — I’ll be a hundred percent.”

She’s working with a large team on her song. And while it isn’t yet released, the hype is already immense.

Paula says that this number will be much different from her song last year and carry a strong meaning for her. She’s put hard work and her own life experience into the work, which will allow her to sing straight from the heart.

Can these two ladies top their results from last year? Do you think that with the right material they could do well at Eurovision? And what do you think of Greta’s song? Let us know in the comments box below.