Who saw this coming? Nemzenekar quits Hungary’s A Dal, replaced by Viki Singh


Hungary’s national selection A Dal 2018 hasn’t even started, and it’s already serving plenty of drama. Earlier this week, band The Matter withdrew from the show for personal reasons. And today another unexpected change struck.

This time Nemzenekar (which roughly translates as “non-band”) has announced to broadcaster MTVA that they are going to withdraw from the competition due to scheduling conflicts.

They said: “We met some unforeseen reasons and obligations, which make us unable to guarantee that we will be present at the scheduled rehearsals, shootings and live broadcasts in the upcoming months. With regret, we have to step back from the competition.”

Their replacement will be familiar to the fans of the shows. Viki Singh has already made two appearances in A Dal, most recently earlier this year. Viki will compete with her song “Butterfly House”, which will be made public soon. We are expecting that she will again impress listeners with her powerhouse vocals.

At A Dal 2017, Viki took part with her song “Rain”, which made it as far as the semi-finals. Wiwi Jury member Robyn wrote: “Once that first chorus comes along, all is good. The faint slide guitar makes it sound like the sort of song a lonely singer could be found singing at a truck stop bar. I’m not sure if it would work as a Eurovision entry, but there’s a lot of potential in there.”

Interestingly, this is not Viki’s first time reaching the top 30 of A Dal as a replacement act. Back in 2016 she stepped in when reggae band  Misztrál was disqualified from the competition. This let the songstress with Indian origins make her debut in the contest with her ballad “Katonák”.

Viki Singh will join the other 29 acts competing in A Dal 2018. The weekly heats begin in just over a month’s time, on 20 January 2018.

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