Watch: The many faces of Joci Pápai on Hungary’s Sztárban Sztár


In May, he gave Hungary one of its best Eurovision results with the haunting “Origo”. But in the last few months, Joci Pápai has been showing off some very different sides. As a contestant on the Hungarian version of the celebrity musical impersonation show Your Face Sounds Familiar, he’s put his performance talents to the test.

As we saw earlier, Joci previously served down under double diva realness with his performances of Kylie Minogue’s “Locomotion” and Olivia Newton John’s “You’re the One that I Want” (via Erika Zoltan & Kiki’s Hungarian version).

Joci ended up placing third overall, beaten by two A Dal 2018 acts. In second place was Viktor Király and the series winner was Tamás Horváth.

But Joci was one of the stand-out performers of the fifth season of Sztárban sztár. Let’s take a look at some of his most memorable performances.

Joci Pápai as David Bowie – “Let’s Dance”

Joci channelled the Thin White Duke with his performance of Bowie’s 1983 hit “Let’s Dance”. He threw in some classic Ziggy Stardust-era makeup and a classic Bowie suit. It might not have sounded very Bowie-like, but the spirit was there.

Joci Pápai as Gloria Gaynor – “I Will Survive”

Joci got in touch with his inner disco diva. He set the dance floor on fire (ok, a moderate smoulder) with his performance of Gloria Gaynor’s anthem of strength. And speaking of strength, Joci’s male backing dancers put their muscles to work by picking him up and giving him a spin.

Joci Pápai as Boy George (Culture Club) – “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”/”Karma Chameleon”

Joci served more early 1980s realness with his performance as Boy George of the Culture Club. Resplendent in George’s trademark colourful braids, wide hat and dramatic eye makeup, Joci deliver a fun pop performance.

Joci Pápai as Loalwa Braz (Kaoma) – “Lambada)

Before “Despacito”, the world was swaying to the sultry Latin beats of “Lambada”. Joci might not have delivered the “forbidden dance”, but he certainly got the crowd swaying. This performance earned Joci top points from each of the four judges, his best score of the series.

Joci Pápai as Andreas Lundstedt (Alcazar) – “Crying at the Discoteque”

Joci got his disco own with a performance of Alcazar’s big European hit single “Crying at the Discoteque”. He looked the part with a perfectly coordinated outfit that included a glitter ball hat on his head and tight silver shorts. But most importantly, his falsetto was on point.

Joci Pápai, Tamás Horváth & Olivér Berkes as Baby Sisters – “Szeresd a testem”

Joci teamed up with fellow A Dal 2017 singer Olivér Berkes and A Dal 2018 contender Tamás Horváth. They performed “Szeresd a testem” as the 1990s Hungarian girl group Baby Sisters. Their performance included a sultry striptease and some hot pole-dancing action. Watch out for Joci accidentally knocking over a judge’s glass of water with his flying trousers.

What do you think? Which is your favourite Joci Pápai performance on Your Face Sounds Familiar? Share your thoughts below!