Azerbaijan: Is Aisel working with Philipp Kirkorov and the “Dream Team” for Eurovision 2018?


She’s the stunning singer who’ll be representing Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2018. Now rumours are starting to heat up around the suggestion that AISEL may be collaborating with the Russian-Greek “Dream Team”. Recent social media posts suggest that something may be going on.

Earlier this year, the Russian maestro Philipp Kirkorov made an Instagram post wishing his Greek counterpart Dimitris Kontopoulos a happy birthday. But most intriguingly, he wrote “again we start to prepare “miracle adventure” for next year”, along with the very conspicuous hashtag #eurovisionsongcontest.

But who was this “miracle adventure” in aid of? Earlier this month Kirkorov revealed to Russian media that he had been approached by a country friendly to Russia and had agreed to produce their entry for Lisbon.

Soon fans started speculating. Ukraine was ruled out due to current political circumstances. This left Belarus and Azerbaijan. But some fans ruled out both Belarus due to it running a national final, and Azerbaijan because the elegant style of AISEL seemed at odds with the bold pop traditions of the “Dream Team”.

But then things got very interesting. Yesterday AISEL posted photos from a Moscow event celebrating the Russian glossy fashion magazine Bonjour. The Azeri beauty was pictured with magazine cover stars Philipp Kirkorov and Ani Lorak.

AISEL had nothing but praise for the two Eurovision icons. She wrote, “[Philipp Kirkorov], it was great meeting you again. Thank you for your valuable advises and your support. Hope to see you again soon. [Ani Lorak], your performance at Eurovision was amazing and will be an inspiration for all future participants.”

If this collaboration is happening, it won’t be the first time that a member of the “Dream Team” has been involved with Azerbaijan at Eurovision.

In 2013, Kontopoulos co-wrote Azerbaijan’s entry “Hold Me”, which placed second in Malmö. Azerbaijan has since used Swedish songwriters, but perhaps they feel like a change for AISEL’s song.

But no one is saying anything. While Eurovision fan media and local Azeri media have picked up on the meeting, neither AISEL nor any member of the “Dream Team” have confirmed that a collaboration is taking place.

What do you think? Should AISEL collaborate with the “Dream Team”? What sort of song should she take to Lisbon? Share your thoughts below!