OGAE Video Contest 2017: Belgium’s Loïc Nottet wins with “Mud Blood”


Twenty-one countries — from Portugal to Italy to Ukraine — competed in the OGAE Video Contest 2017.

But in the end it was Belgium that came out on top with “Mud Blood” from Eurovision 2015 candidate Loïc Nottet.

The contest, which debuted in 2003, sees Eurovision fan clubs nominate a music video produced by an artist in its territory, regardless of whether the singer has competed at Eurovision or not. This year the clubs nominated Eurovision alums including Athena, Iveta Mukuchyan, Nina Kraljic, Marija Serifovic, Naviband, Magdi Rúzsa and Jamala. And also non-Eurovision stars like Sia and Amy Macdonald.

Loïc Nottet’s “Mud Blood”

Belgium’s victory is their second in the contest and follows their 2013 win with Stromae and his global hit “Papaoutai”.

“Mud Blood” is the third single from Loïc’s album Selfocracy. Among other things, the song charts the struggles of those who use drugs to escape reality. But there are broader messages, too.

In the four minutes of 80s electro pop the Belgian star sings about the demons inside of all of us. He scoffs at conformity — “We’re gonna lose, Mama, because we choose, Mama, to say that we’re the best, but we look just like the rest”. And he takes a dig at those who pursue superficial glories — “We want that crown, Mama, and we want it now, Mama, to be the selfish kings of a worthless empire.” Preach.

The video brings the drama of battling with one’s self to life with Loïc portraying good and evil in a Sia-esque inspired dance off. It’s set among shadows and light and bares the cinematic quality Loïc’s videos are known for. It also showcases precisely why he won Danse Avec Les Stars.

Full results

  1. Belgium: Loïc Nottet – Mud Blood (184 points)
  2. Australia: Sia  – The Greatest  (148 points)
  3. Italy: Takagi & Ketra ft. Lorenzo Fragola, Arisa – L’esercito del selfie (87 points)
  4. France: Lilie Poe – Écho (82 points)
  5. Greece: Malu – Ora Na Gyriseis (67 points)
  6. Poland: Margaret – What you do (66 points)
  7. Ukraine: Jamala – I Believe in U (66 points)
  8. United Kingdom: Amy Macdonald – Dream On (62 points)
  9. Croatia: Nina Kralji? – Snijeg (61 points)
  10. Germany: Alexa Feser – Medizin (59 points)
  11. Russia: Leningrad – Kolschik (54 points)
  12. Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan – Amena (54 points)
  13. Belarus: Naviband – Biažy (52 points)
  14. Serbia: Marija Šerifovi? – Deo prošlosti (44 points)
  15. Turkey: Cal Bonomo – Kal Bungün (40 points)
  16. Hungary: Magdolna Rúzsa – Érj Hozzám (31 points)
  17. Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef – Believe (Hey Hey) (21 points)
  18. Slovakia: Emma Drobná – Words (19 points)
  19. Y.R Macedonia: Dan Talevski – Rocket (10 points)
  20. Malta: The Travellers – Hafi Paci Kuluri (9 points)
  21. Portugal: The Gift – Big Fish (2 points)