Poll Results: Eugent Bushpepa is your favourite to win Albania’s Festivali i Këngës 56


It’s only a matter of hours (hopefully) until we learn the first song of Eurovision 2018. The final of Albania’s Festivali i Këngës 56 starts in little under an hour. And after two marathon semi-finals, we’re ready for another long night.

Earlier this morning, we asked you who your favourite was for the final. Y’all cast 2,363 votes and in the end, Eugent Bushpepa took first place.

His self-penned song “Mall” (or “Yearning”, in English) received 1,069 votes, or 38% of the total.

1st: Eugent Bushpepa — Mall

“Mall” is Eugent’s second entry in to Festivali i Këngës. Back in 2008, he finished in 12th place as part of a duet with Rovena Dilo. He’s been a constant favourite of our readers, winning our very first poll back when the songs were initially released.

Clearly there’s a lot of support for Eugent – but remember, his fate isn’t in the public’s hands tonight. The jury will 100% decide the result of the contest. Y’all better hope they’re feeling the love for Eugent too!

2nd: Inis Neziri — Piedestal

Second place in our poll went to Inis Neziri, with “Piedestal”. Inis took 707 votes, just under around a quarter of the total cast.

This may be Inis’ FiK debut, but she has pedigree in other competitions. She won the fifth edition of talent show Gjeniu i Vogël in 2013. Will she be able to triumph tonight and go on to Lisbon?

Third place in our poll went to Orgesa Zaimi. Orgesa was a big favourite of the Wiwi Jury and with 376 votes, it’s clear some of you are still wanting her to win as well.

Results: Who should win Festivali i Këngës 56?

  1. Eugent Bushpepa, “Mall”: 1,069 votes (38%)
  2. Inis Neziri, “Piedestal”: 707 votes (25%)
  3. Orgesa Zaimi, “Ngrije zërin”: 376 votes (13%)
  4. Artemisa Mithi, “E dua botën”: 134 votes (5%)
  5. Mariza Ikonomi, “Unë”: 112 votes (4%)
  6. Manjola Nallbani, “I njëtji qiell”: 96 votes (3%)
  7. Tiri Gjoci, “Orë e ndalur”: 86 votes (3%)
  8. NA & Festina Mezini, “Tjetër jetë”: 63 votes (2%)
  9. Rezarta Smaja & Luiz Ejili, “Ra një yll”: 53 votes (2%)
  10. Denisa Gjezo, “Zemër ku je”: 37 votes (1%)
  11. Bojken Lako, “Sytë e shpirtit”: 29 votes (1%)
  12. Elton Deda, “Fjalët”: 17 votes (1%)
  13. Redon Makashi, “Ekziston”: 16 votes (1%)
  14. Voltan Prodani, “E pamundur”: 15 votes (1%)

Total Votes: 2,810

We also got a sneak peek of tonight’s running order. As shown in the image above, Redon Makashi opens the show with “Ekziston”, whilst veteran act Elton Deda performs last.

Perhaps importantly though, Eugent Bushpepa performs in the penultimate 13th spot – will that help him stick in the mind of the jury?

You can catch all of the Festivali i Këngës 56 final tonight on RTSH1, from 20.45 CET. Make sure to check back on wiwibloggs for all the results after the show!

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