Selectia Nationala 2018: TVR unveils all the semi-finalists’ songs


Over the last week, TVR has hosted the live auditions for Selectia Nationala 2018. We already know that the jury selected 60 out of the 72 entries to advance to the semi-finals, but now we have the chance to actually listen to all the songs of the lucky acts who went through. And there are a few surprises.

You can listen to all the semi-finalists’ songs here.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is Alex Florea. “Nobody Told Me It Would Hurt”, written by Jonas Thander and Aidan O’Connor, is a typical love ballad custom-made for Eurovision. However, the voice on the track published by TVR is not Alex’s, apparently. In the past day, it has been revealed that Alex Florea allegedly submitted the demo (sung by Jonas Thander) instead of his own vocals. If this is true, TVR should have disqualified him already. However, Alex obviously performed the song at the live auditions and he went through. It remains to be seen if this revelation will lead to Alex Florea’s replacement with another act.

Another controversy surrounds Freia. Her song “Fix It” is alleged to have been publicly released before 1 September 2017, which, if proven correct, is grounds for disqualification.

Another interesting fact is that Feli has chosen to submit the song “Buna de iubit” in Spanish — although it bears the Romanian language title. We get to listen to the Iberian take on the song, which adds extra spice on an already lively track. We’ll see if Feli decides to stick with the Spanish version, as we hear that an English language version is also on the table. What is sure is that Feli is so far the biggest name in the selection and we wouldn’t be surprised to see her and M I H A I battling it out out for the first place in the final.

Eduard Santha, who placed eighth at the National Final in 2017 with “Wild Child” (infamously getting a measly 1.9 out of 10 points in our Wiwi Jury) is back in contention. This time, he submitted a song that is heavily influenced by Gypsy music, with a Romani language title, “Mesom Romales”. The track also has a reggae sound in parts and the resulting fusion is a bit cacophonic but definitely interesting. We expect a lively performance and a place in the National Final.

Also, if you are wondering with Anuryh and her infectious dance track “In My Head” are, we have learnt that the singer withdrew from the competition. But don’t fret: there’s another Inna wannabe in town. Serena and her “Safari” will surely bring the sexy back to Selectia Nationala! The song, which was released in November, already has a steamy video.

Our picks for the Selectia Nationala 2018 final

All in all, as a result of the low turnout — 72 entries which meant that only 12 acts had to be cut — most of the 60 songs are disposable. There are a few gems, but it is difficult to find 15 songs that should reach the National Final on 25 February, and it all relies on their live performance and semi-final staging. However, our Top 15 favourites so far are, in no particular order:

  • M I H A I – “Heaven”
  • Jukebox feat. Bella Santiago – “Auzi cum bate”
  • Xandra – “Try”
  • Serena – “Safari”
  • Feli – “Buna de iubit”
  • Alessandro Danescu – “Breaking Up”
  • Elena Hasna – “Revival”
  • Eduard Santha – “Mesom Romales”
  • Zoltan – “Daca dragostea e oarba”
  • Teodora Dinu – “Fly”
  • Sergiu Bolota – “Every Little Thing”
  • Alexia & Matei – “Walking on Water”
  • Freia – “Fix It”
  • Evermorph – “Live Your Life”
  • Elena Turcu – “The Perfect Fall”

During the five semi-finals, the jury will select 15 songs (three songs from each show) to advance to the national final. On 25 February, the 15 acts will fight for the ticket to Lisbon, when only the viewers will choose the winner via televote.

Until then, what do you think about our choices? And who are your favourites for the final of Selectia Nationala 2018? Let us know in the comments!