Sputnik claims Alekseev will compete in Belarus’ Eurovision selection, after withdrawing Vidbir bid in Ukraine


Ukrainian singer Alekseev only revealed his Eurovision dreams two weeks ago, but already he’s added another chapter to the story. If a report that has emerged from Belarus is correct, then the singer might not try his luck in his native Ukraine, but instead compete in neighbouring Belarus. 

Alekseev had ears perking up all over Europe earlier this month after he shared a cryptic Instagram post in which he said he was “ready to win Eurovision”. He hasn’t elaborated since then, keeping Eurofans guessing whether he was hinting at participation in Vidbir, Ukraine’s 2018 selection. He wrote:

“There was no interview in which I would not be asked why I was not going to Eurovision. I always joked about this topic, but now our team felt the strength to compete for the victory in this contest. We are accustomed each time to set new goals and achieve them.”

STB, one of the two broadcasters of Vidbir, has confirmed that the artist did, in fact, submit an application. But there’s a twist: earlier this week he ordered his management team to withdraw his bid, refusing to give any statement explaining why.

Vidbir’s musical producer Ruslan Kvinta has said that he and the team behind the selection no longer view him as a potential participant. Ruslan and Alekseev had a longstanding professional relationship, but ceased their artistic collaboration earlier this week as well. Ruslan actually wrote some of Alekseev’s most successful songs, including “Pyanoe solntse”.

According to Sputnik, the Ukrainian singer might be heading north to Belarus. Alekseev is no stranger in Minsk either, having recently won the award for “Best Male Singer” at Belarus’ “Nasha Liga” awards.

The Belarus-based version of the Russian news agency Sputnik says that the press service of the Belarusian broadcaster Belteleradiocompany has confirmed that Alekseev is indeed on the list of applicants.

If this proves to be true, he will join at least thirty more competitors vying to win Belarus’ national selection, including returnees Janet, Angelika Pushnova and Kirill Good. The country’s live auditions take place on January 11.

Do you want Alekseev to participate in Belarus’ Eurovision selection? Are you upset he has withdrawn from the contest in Ukraine? Let us know in the comments below!

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