Elina Nechayeva will represent Estonia at Eurovision 2018 with her song “La Forza”. She won the Estonian national final with her bold Italian opera-style song.

Elina was an Eesti Laul newcomer, but she sure isn’t a stranger to the music scene. Born in Tallinn, where she honed her skills in choirs as a child, she graduated with a master’s degree in classical singing from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater in 2016.

Her Eesti Laul 2018 entry “La Forza” (The Force) was composed by Mihkel Mattisen and Timo Vendt with lyrics, in Italian, written by Elina herself in collaboration with Ksenia Kuchukova. The La Forza lyrics suggest there is a power greater than us — love, light, godliness — that can take us higher, if we only believe.

“La Forza” – Elina Nechayeva

“La Forza” Lyrics – Elina Nechayeva

Original lyrics

Sai nella notte per me
Una stella c’é
Lei mi rischiara la via
Per l’eternitá
É mia guida
Che non mi lascia mai’

La forza del destino
Volteggiar mi fa
L’ora é vicina di felicitá
É sogno o realtá
Nostra affinita
Sull’ali dell’amore rose

Quando m’en vo per la via
Sempre libera
Vorrei che intorno a noi sia una favola
Nostro amore
Guida a noi sará
Per l’eternitá

English translation

You know in the night for me
A star is there
You clear the way
For eternity
It is my guide
an immensity
That never leaves me

The force of Destiny
Vaulting makes me
The hour is near to happiness
Is it a dream or reality
Our affinity
On the wings of love rising

When I go that way
Always free
I would like it to be a fairy tale around us
Our love
Guide to us
In the infinite
For eternity

















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So beautiful. So powerful. This song surely is about God, our friend The Holy Spirit. Our guide, our power, our strength, our friend. Who leads us, guides us, protects us, is with us through life and into eternity. This immense power, force, feeling with us. Who makes a way where the seems to be no way. May God bless all who hear all these beautiful lyrics.


Love love love <3 <3

I’m sorry if I’m about to sound a tad (or a lot) picky, but I work as a translator and this kind of inaccuracies bother me a wee bit 😛 I don’t know if there are any Italian contributors on wiwibloggs but, whenever possible, a native person should revise these translations. I only know a little Italian, but being Spanish even I can spot a few mistakes: Lei mi rischiara la via = She illuminates the way (or it, since star doesn’t have a gender in English) Nell’immensitá = In the immensity Volteggiar mi fa = It makes me spin… Read more »

Well said. I agree. I’m portuguese and as latin language we understand italian quiet good. This translation is cutting the true message.


Sai nela notte per me means live in the night for me


That song have a strong spiritual message- music as well as lyrics and her beautiful eyes !! Thats not an opera at all as many thinks. Thats pure euro pop song- look at Celine Dion- my heart will go on!!! She was on top of euro pop charts for a years. So people just got used to bad taste and prefer jewish fat chicken songs and fake soulless Madonna

Miss Vanji

who are we calling the fake souless madonna?

guillaume gerchambeau
guillaume gerchambeau

je suis un fan de cette chanson…elle perdurera…..j’en suis certain..la pureté absolue


Definitely my favorite of Eesti Laul 2018


“La forza del destino”, looks like Jacques Houdek from Croatia last year wants his lyrics back.


As an Italian I have mixed feelings about this song.
On the one hand I am pleased that a music style, which defines my country, has been selected among the proposals for Eurovision in a country so far away from us like Estonia, and by such a strong singer.
On the other, the lyrics are written in the literary Italian of the 19th century (the golden age of opera), and I find that using them nowadays is a little weird, as none speaks Italian that way.
All in all, however, it’s still my favourite proposal in Eesti Laul 2018.


Take me away don’t let me go
Make me believe that I was never Alone…..


I love opera but this feels operatic for the sake of it. It just feels fake, soulless, modern, plastic. Sorry, but this won’t win.

Kl lk

Noo way!!! Zoi