Bulgaria: BNT reveals names of 13 competing songs in internal selection


Bulgaria‘s track record in recent years has shown they are a country to watch. Now the national broadcaster BNT has revealed the names of the 13 songs that are vying to be Bulgaria’s entry for Lisbon. And there are some intriguing clues.

The submission period ended on 29 December and the broadcaster has revealed some statistics about this year’s entries.

A record 202 songs were received this year. However, Bulgaria isn’t just looking for a song. Their internal selection process is specifically looking for an entire project: song, singer, staging, the works. From the 202 songs, there were only 13 workable projects. But as BNT points out, their emphasis is quality over quantity.

The internal selection process is open to international creatives, as long as they are collaborating with Bulgarians. There are five such teams, including three international artists.

Most intriguingly, the statistics mention one returning artist. A few names have been mentioned amongst fans, but the one name that keeps getting mentioned is that of Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen. The Swedish artist proved earlier this year with “Statements” that she was open to a Eurovision return. We don’t know if there’s any truth to this rumour — there are many possible returning artists, after all — but anything is possible!

The 13 songs

BNT also revealed the titles of the 13 songs projects that are vying to follow Poli Genova and Kristian Kostov to Eurovision.

  • “A New Home”
  • “Bad News”
  • “Bones”
  • “Choosing”
  • “Cold as Ice”
  • “Collide”
  • “Colours”
  • “Love Never Lies”
  • “Lovers to Enemies”
  • “Rebirth”
  • “Sky Symphony”
  • “Two Hearts Collide”
  • “You Will be the Change”

The broadcaster has also started to drop hints about the character of each of the competing songs. BNT will give hints about three songs each day.

First is “Colours”, which is described as a “catchy uptempo tune”, “radio and chart-friendly”, “very modern” and with an “RnB flavour”.

Next is “Bad News”. This is described as “a mix between Broadway-style tune and radio-friendly commercial sound. Out of the box combination.”

Today we also learned about “Bones”. This is described as a “dark, modern, ‘silent’/soulful ballad”, with “deep emotions”, “very spiritual” and with a “powerful chorus”.

And finally today there was “Sky Symphony”. It’s described as “uptempo, optimistic” and with a “slight Euroasian flavour”.

The Bulgarian team has one month to pick their entry for Lisbon. The 13 projects will be assessed by various focus groups. The broadcaster aims to not just find the best song in demo form but to find the best entry for Eurovision 2018.

The act will be selected by 31 January, but it won’t be revealed to the public until 12 March. In the six weeks between selection and announcement, the song will be given a post-production polish. Afterall, with two top-five finishes in the last two years, Bulgaria has a track record to uphold.

What do you think of the 13 song titles? Who do you think the returning artist is? Share your thoughts below!