France: Mamma mia! Louka revealed as the third artist competing in Destination Eurovision


As we get closer to the first semi-final of France’s national selection Destination Eurovision, another competing artist has been revealed. The next singer to be introduced is Louka, who will be singing “Mamma Mia”.

And there’s a big name behind the song. When details of Destination Eurovision were presented earlier in the month, it was revealed that Maître Gims had written one of the songs in the national final. It turns out that his contribution is “Mamma Mia”.

Gims and Louka have history. The successful rapper and singer signed Louka to his record label last year. Gims mentored Louka as he released his debut single “Gamin” (Kid) late last year.

The French singer VITAA and Maître Gims’ frequent collaborateur Renaud Rebillaud have also been involved in the production of the song.

Louka’s involvement in Destination Eurovision was announced in the usual video profile clip. He talks about his background in sports and the honour of being able to represent his country at Eurovision.

While the song is in French, it does have a rather Italian title, “Mamma Mia”. Louka — born Lucas Bennici — explains it is a nod to his Italian roots. But with Malo’s song “Ciao” also in the lineup, it’s looking like a very French-Italian song selection.

“Mamma Mia” is a slice of modern French chart pop. In the excerpt, the song features a minimalist backing with both folky guitar and electronic accents. The song seems to be building to something big, but with less than a minute of the song heard so far, it’s hard to guess what might be coming.

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Louka also shared the good news with fans on social media:

It’s finally official. I am pleased to announce my participation in #DestinationEurovision with my new song #MammaMia

Destination Eurovision – known competitors

The remaining competing songs will be revealed over the coming days, in the build-up to the first semi-final. The first semi airs on 13 January 2018. Nine songs will compete in each of the two semi-finals, and four songs from each semi will go to the grand final.

What do you think of “Mamma Mia”? Would Louka make a good candidate for Eurovision? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!