Bulgaria: BNT reveals hints for “Rebirth”, “Choosing” and “Lovers to Enemies”


Chestita Nova Godina! 2018 has come along, and with it are clues for three more songs under consideration to be Bulgaria’s entry for Eurovision 2018. Broadcaster BNT has posted more keywords that describe each song, to give fans a hint of what might be.

As always, Team Bulgaria is keeping very tight-lipped about the artists behind the entry. But we do know the names of the 13 song projects under consideration — and now we know a little more about three songs.

First today is “Rebirth”. It’s described as a “ballad” with a “strong personal story”. There’s a lot going on here. It’s also described as being an “elegy about the lost chances in the past” and a “prayer for the future”. It’s just the sort of thing that feels appropriate on New Year’s Day — but will it feel the same in May?

Next is “Choosing”. Its description is a lot simpler. “Choosing” is a “pop-rock” track, it’s “mid-tempo” and “radio friendly”. We’re drawn to the infinity symbol in the tweet graphic. Does this mean the song is about a never-ending choice?

And finally today is another song for New Year’s Day — “Lovers to Enemies”. It’s described as “a story about the cycles of life” and, perhaps a little unexpectedly, is a “male power ballad”.


Song titles in bold are the ones with clues revealed.

The BNT team will reveal the descriptions of the remaining three songs tomorrow.

The system of dropping clues of the songs under consideration is similar to what the broadcaster did last year with six shortlisted songs. In the end, it was the “modern, pop-ballad, dark, strong / meaningful lyrics” that was selected for Eurovision — Kristian Kostov’s “Beautiful Mess”.

The Bulgarian broadcaster has one month to pick their entry for Lisbon. The 13 projects will be assessed by various focus groups. The broadcaster aims to not just find the best song in demo form but to find the best entry for Eurovision 2018.

While the selection process is private and internal, BNT has revealed there is a way for a few lucky fans to be involved. The broadcaster will invite some of its Twitter followers to be in one of the focus group panels that will assess the songs.

The act will be selected by 31 January, but it won’t be revealed to the public until 12 March. In the six weeks between selection and announcement, the song will be given a post-production polish. Afterall, with two top-five finishes in the last two years, Bulgaria has a track record to uphold.

What do you think of the descriptions of “Rebirth”, “Choosing” and “Lovers to Enemies”? Who would you like to see represent Bulgaria in Lisbon? Share your thoughts below!