Bulgaria’s jury panel: BNT wants fans to help with its internal selection


For weeks they’ve been teasing Eurovision fans with details of their 2018 internal selection, which includes song titles like “Two Hearts Collide”, “Cold as Ice” and “Bones”.

And on Tuesday Bulgaria’s BNT officially invited members of the public to apply to sit on their jury panel as they assess the various candidates.

All you have to do is reply to their Tweet, pasted above, explaining why you should help them sift through their various submissions, which are known to include returning and international artists.

They want you to be “creative”, so a laundry list of your musical credentials doesn’t seem like it will do. Mix your skills with a bit of humour and you may earn a sneak peek of the entries still in the race.

Within five hours of posting their initial message, BNT had received more than 160 comments, with fans from Belgium, Israel, Turkey and the United Kingdom among those hoping to earn one of the spots.

This post from British fan Sasha made us smile.

BNT has, in recent years, sampled a variety of music professionals, journalists, bloggers and enthusiasts prior to making its final decision. While they will, no doubt, make their decision behind closed doors as always, they will, once again, draw on input from a broad cross-section of people, rather than just relying on folks inside their broadcaster.

It’s a strategy with plenty of merit — and one that has taken them close to the top two years running. And now they’re casting the net even wider.

How will it work?

Shortly after their announcement, BNT explained how the jury panel will factor into their selection process. You can read about the full process here.

But, in short, these are the groups that will rate the various songs:

Pool A: Music professionals, producers, TV experts, marketing managers
Pool B: Journalists, press members, betting experts
Pool C: Bulgarian jury
Pool D: Popular group – a mix between casual viewers and devoted fans in a proportion representing approximately the viewing structure of Eurovision Song Contest.

Every individual will rate songs individually via an online platform. Not all groups are created equal, and certain people in certain pools will carry more weight.

“After we examine all the data and the feedback provided by the members, we will prepare a thorough report about the whole process which will serve as a tool to help the internal selection and the final decision.”

Which Twitter responses have stood out to you thus far?