Malta: Songs and lyric videos released for all 16 Malta Eurovision 2018 acts


Talk about making us wait! It was back in early October that we discovered which 16 acts would perform at Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Since then, we’ve learned some of the running order — but no songs. Until now, that is!

Malta’s PBS has released all 16 songs, along with lyric videos for each entry. You can check them all out in the list below. Once you’ve done that, make sure to vote in our poll to see who your favourite is.

MESC 2018 will take place on February 3. As part of the song release, TVM has also announced a change to the contest’s rules this year. The final will now have a 50/50 split between a televote and jury.

This is a shift from the 100% televote in MESC 2017, and the previous system which heavily weighted the jury vote against televote.

With MESC now mirroring the full Eurovision voting system, will that be a boost to help bring them back to the Grand Final?

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 — Running Order

There are your 16 songs — now you can vote in our poll. Remember, you can only vote ONCE, so make sure that vote counts – because you can vote for as many of your favourites as you’d like!

Don’t forget to let us know your favourite in the comments section below. You can also let us know your thoughts on the change to the final voting!

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